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Am I just a blog chain victim?

Looks like I've been dragged in this blog chain thing since Steve tagged me...
Ok, here are my five things:
  • Like many others I destroyed my joystick playing at Decathlon.
    My first computer was an Amstrad CPC 464. I hardly wrote more than two lines of Locomotive BASIC on it. It was probably something like 10 PRINT "Hello World!" and 20 GOTO 10.
    Actually I spent much more time trying to load games from the cassette deck than programming. Too many games to name them all, but names like Fruity Frank, Ikari Warriors, Ghosts 'n Goblins or Arkanoid should bring back nice memories to some.
    Like many, my first computer language was BASIC... The computers I learned programming on were the Thomson MO5 and TO7. Those had light pens!
  • Although I've been living in Paris for 14 years now, I come from a small corner of Normandy.
  • The first book I read in English was The Lord of the Rings. I enjoyed it. Of course this little challenge took me some time. Well, ok, I don't actually read books in French much faster. But this one required carrying an English dictionary with me...
  • My cat's name is Bob. And no, I didn't choose that name.
  • Not a lot of people actually know but I got married last year. The poor victim is Miss Comics.
  • I'm writing a great book with Steve Eichert about LINQ.
  • At the end of this month, I'm quitting my job at an IT services company to create my own company and become a freelance. This will allow me to continue my own projects (SharpToolbox, JavaToolbox, PageMethods, the LINQ in Action book) and start new ones (like a new site for .NET and Java). 2007 will with no doubt be another great and busy year!

Ok, well actually that makes more than five points. I guess one thing I could add is that I don't know how to count correctly. Math and me, you know...

Who could I tag? What about Charlie, Troy and Keith (maybe he'll bring his weblog back to life)? What about some French guys?: Sami (from DotNetGuru), Jb (Mono and db4objects), Pierrick (look at his WPF Sudoku and WPF/WCF/WF Tetris!) and Mitsu (from Microsoft).
More than five again? I told you!


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