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Another busy year in perspective

This isn't my first post in 2008, but I'll still dedicate this post to wishing you a Happy New Year. May it be successful for your business, work, and family plans.

2007 was certainly a busy year for me - especially due to the book that will be published at the end of this month - but I have no doubts that 2008 will keep me equally busy, if not more.
One of the first things on which I'll focus this year is the Microsoft TechDays France 2008 event. More about this in my next post.
Another big project for this year is the business development of The site started well, even if it's true mostly for its French part, but we have more plans for it this year. Stay tuned, and don't forget to create your profile!
2008 will also see the release of long due new versions of and Again, several new features are in the works. I'll keep the surprises for now, but you can expect to see them come to life soon. Of course, the additions of tools and components will continue. I still have a long list of submissions to process...

Let the new year begin and success continue!

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