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Clippy revival 1.0

I'm currently in Montréal, between two of my sessions. I'd like to take advantage of this break to introduce a little friend of mine: Clippy!

Ok, Clippy is probably not new to most of you... Except that this time, it is a brand new Clippy. This new Clippy is a WPF Clippy!

You can get your own Clippy too by downloading the source code and the binary files.
I've (re-)created Clippy because I just happened to need an assistant for one of my sessions here at DevTeach. It's a simple WPF application that displays the lines contained in a text file in a balloon. You can even have Clippy speak by activating the speech mode (CTRL+S or option in the context menu).


It's also possible to move Clippy via drag&drop, and resize the balloon if you wish:

If you have no use for Clippy (I'd be surprised! Who doesn't love Clippy?), you can still have a look at the source code and play with it to get a feel for WPF with this simple app. Things I use here are transparent windows, shadows, LayoutTransform, speech synthesis, and BalloonDecorator, I could have used more things such as commands, but let's keep that for version 2.0 ;-)

Enjoy your new friend!


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  • I just thought "I need a entertaining wizzard-function for this WPF project ... but how to do it?" and two minutes later I get my answer via your post. Nice work! :)

    -- Gordon

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