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Grand opening

I started collecting tools on my weblog in March this year.
With more than 130 tools as soons as April, I started buildind the SharpToolbox web site in May.
After three months of development and testing on free hosting solutions, the SharpToolbox now has its own domain, and so I can declare the site officially open.
The site now lists 260 tools (including 35 libraries) in 42 categories, and I have more tools in my todo list waiting to be added.

Check it out now:

Of course, RSS feeds are available!
The site now comes with forums, so feel free to discuss about the site or about tools there.
The next step on my list of improvements is to setup a Submission Process to let people report new tools or update the information on the site.

PS: The site is hosted by They have a referral program so clicking on the link would specify me as the referrer if you decide to sign up for a hosting solution there. My sponsor ID is madgeek.
Update: The site is now hosted by Arvixe.


  • A small comment on the tool listings :)

    It now seems that the tool belongs to the author that is listed ABOVE the toolname, however it belongs to the author listed BELOW the toolname. Perhaps you should add some separation thingies to make it more clear :)

    For the rest very nice :)

  • Thanks Frans!

    Is it better like this? It was better looking with Mozilla, which explains why I hadn't seen the problem with IE.

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