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LINQ in Action reviews and quotes

Since our LINQ in Action book was published last month, we are lucky to receive a lot of nice feedback and comments. Steve, Jim, and I worked hard to make LINQ in Action a book that readers would enjoy. It's very encouraging to see what readers think about our work!
I have collected a list of reviews and quotes.

  • "By far the best book available on LINQ"
  • "I have the LINQ books, and this is by far the best"
  • "One of the best overall tutorial texts on software development I have ever come across in 15 years"
  • "LINQ in Action ROCKS!"
  • "A pure pleasure to read"
  • "I'm having a hard time putting down LINQ in Action, to do my actual job!"
  • "One of the best .NET books ever written"
  • "Best book I've read in a while"
  • "I enjoy this book for its practical advice without trying to cover up any holes in the inaugural edition of LINQ"

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  • I bought it last week. I have to say I like it. Plenty of detail on how things work. It's rare that I find a book where I learn something from every chapter, but that's what I'm finding as I read through it.

  • Currently tucking into chapter 4 with the sample books project. really enjoying it, although some of the lambda stuff in earlier chapters is going to need a re-read before i fully understand it!

  • Hi Fabrice

    The book is so good I have it now on our new books review section on the home page of!

    By the way if your editor has a copy or two to giveaway for a community, let me know ;-)


  • very handy book, I enjoy read it.

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