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Localization in WPF

Several techniques exist for localizing WPF applications. I have yet to study them before making a choice.

Here are some resources I've collected:

As you can see, several custom solutions are available. Is there an ultimate one in there? I guess it depends on the features you need (on-the-fly culture change, localized resources update without recompiling, designer support, etc.).


  • That's the first one I'm trying, actually. It's very easy to use.

  • Hello!

    im the creator of WPFLocalizeExtension and i know all of them, before and after i created my one.

    The only i see is, that my library is the most efficent and up to date localization way i can think of.

    ive seen all source codes of the other approaches.
    the ability to offer many ways to localize in wpf in this very simple way is, i think, offered by me.

    sure, you think i will do some advertisement for my solution, but look at the others!

    but hey, build your own mind about it and choose the right one that fit your needs and offers the best :)

  • So what tool did you end up using?

  • I haven't used localization much yet, but I would stick to WPFLocalizeExtension.

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