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.NET reverse engineering tool for understanding projects

Here is a query I received from a user of

Hi, not sure if you have seen anything like this, but I need something that can parse my VS.NET C# project and give me a flow chart of all of the code it encounters. I have inherited a large complex project that I need to make sense of and a tool like this would be huge. I currently have a tool called Understand for C++ (Scientific Toolworks) that does the same thing but for some reason they have no intention of producing a C# version.

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the reply I made:

I don't think there is a single tool that provides what you're looking for for C#. But a combination of tools from may help you.
Here are some tools you can try:

Even if these tools don't produce exactly the kind of information you need, they are helpful when inheriting code.
Additionally, some tools from the following category provide reverse engineering features you may find interesting as well:

Maybe you know other tools for .NET that can be useful in this kind of situation?

Update: as some readers commented, .NET Reflector is a free tool that you should absolutely check out. It will help you to analyze code. Its plug-ins provide even more features.


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