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Sesame OData Browser updated

Since the first preview of Sesame was published, I've been working on improving it with new features.
Today, I've published an update that provides the following:

  • Support for hyperlinks (URLs and email addresses)
  • Improved support for the OData format. More OData producers are supported, including Netflix and vanGuide, for example.
  • Fixed display of images (images used to appear mixed up)
  • Support for image URLs
  • Image zoom (try to hover over pictures in Netflix' Titles or MIX10's Speakers)
  • Support for complex types (test this with Netflix' Titles and the OData Test Service's Suppliers)
  • Partial open types support
  • Partial feed customization support (Products.Name and Products.Description are now displayed for for example)
  • Partial HTML support
  • Query number is now unique by connection and not globally
  • Support for query continuation (paging) - See the "Load more" button
  • Partial support for <FunctionImport> (see Movies, Series, Seasons, Discs and Episodes with Netflix)
  • Version number is now displayed
  • More links to examples (coming from provided in the connection dialog

You can try all this at the same place as before. Choose Netflix in the connection dialog to see most of the new features in action and to get a richer experience.

Sesame Image Zoom

Sesame Complex Type

There is a lot more in the pipe. Enough to keep me busy for a few more weeks :-)

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