jquery UI dialog position does not like spacing

I am using jquery dialog and wanted to set it about 100px from the top of the window. So I set the position like this:

position: { my: "top+100", at: "top" }

But then while doing some formatting I ended up with this:

            autoOpen: false,
            modal: true,
            minHeight: 300,
            minWidth: 800,
            dialogClass: "customDialog",
            appendTo: $("form:first"),
            position: { my: "top + 100", at: "top" }

All of  a sudden it stopped working. I was out of clue why it isn't working.

Did couple Ctrl+Z and tried and started working.

Looks like the top+100 shouldn't have any space. With spacing, it doesn't work.

Documentation doesn't say anything about it.


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