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  • Free POP3 assembly?

    I swear... I have done my share of searching, but I can't find an OK free POP3 class library out there. I know one exists, because I saw it a few years ago. As long as it can split off attachments, I'm sold. I just don't want to write my own... I'm far too lazy for that!


  • Why is PHP popular?

    Wow... I have really neglected my self-imposed blogging duties lately. I suck.

    Anyway, a graduating high school kid asked me via IM why PHP was so popular and why I'm a .NET guy. He wasn't trying to start an argument or anything, he actually was looking for an answer.

    I told him that PHP is popular because it's relatively easy to learn. While I don't have any particular data to point to, I think that it's safe to say that the vast majority of sites on the Internet are not maintained by computer science people. These same people are probably not running either, so a PHP site makes perfect sense because it's easy to learn and serves its purpose.

    And why am I a .NET guy? Well, I probably could've been a Java guy too, but since I started in ASP.old, it seemed like a logical progression. Once you really get object-oriented programming, it's hard to do anything else, especially script. In big, distributed applications, it's just the right tool for the task.

    Normally discussions like that degenerate into pissing matches, but the availability of PHP has certainly been good for the Internet. I don't know why people can't admit that. It's just not something that would work for the things that I do.

  • Laptop follow-up

    I got the replacement part for my laptop power connector yesterday. I managed to get it soldered into place, but it was a struggle because the board is all melted from the short. Kinda scary. It's a little fragile, and I worry about how long it's going to hold.

  • Moblog specifications?

    OK, I need a distraction. Now that my wife has a camera phone, I'm slightly more interested in moblogging. Is there some specification for sending photos from the phones to Web sites that is fairly consistant? Google isn't pointing me to anything really useful.

    Naturally if I'm going to do anything with it, I want to build it myself and not rely on someone else. :)

  • Busted laptop

    My HP laptop has had a problem with maintaining a good power supply connection since I got it in 2003, requiring you to sometimes jiggle the cord at the laptop to get it to maintain power. Finally, yesterday, it stopped working entirely.

    I downloaded the service manual and took it apart, and I was horrified to see that the power connector on the motherboard was entirely broken off now, and that it apparently was being held in place with a small piece of electrical tape! Yeah, it was shipped to me from Taiwan with a piece of electrical tape securing a broken power connector on the motherboard.

    Even more scary is all of the scoring from what I assume was a frequent short. I think I'm lucky the thing never caught fire.

    I'm seriously pissed off about this, especially seeing as how I need the thing for my job. There's no point in me trying to put the thing back together, and I can't solder the connector back on. I can try to find a replacement, but I doubt I can find one that will fit the motherboard exactly.

    Needless to say, I sent a very strongly worded message to HP about this. In the mean time, I have to figure out what the hell I'm going to do, because I can't stop working over this.