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  • Tabbed Browsing in Visual Studio

    Don Box points out the neat tabbed browsing support in Visual Studio 2005. It’s certainly way better than the tabbed browsing provided by the MSN Toolbar which flickers terribly as it switches IE windows.

  • WTL 7.5 on SourceForge

    A new version of the Windows Template Library (WTL) was released earlier this month and includes support for Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2. This is a great library for building native Windows applications.

  • Broken Links

    My web hosting provider seems to be out of service at the moment so downloads and images on my blog aren’t available as they’re hosted on my site ( It will hopefully be restored in the next few hours.

  • Is P/Invoke Dead?

    A reader recently asked whether P/Invoke is dead since you can use C++ Interop and avoid re-declaring all the functions and structures that you might already have in system header files.

  • Special Folders Browser

    When using the Environment.SpecialFolder enumeration I often spend a few extra moments checking what path a particular SpecialFolder constant refers to on my computer. Since it can be different from machine to machine and user to user it can help to quickly identify where the special folders point to. I got tired of writing the same boilerplate code over and over again so I quickly wrote the Special Folders Browser.

  • Using Statements

    From a completely unrelated Google search I came across this post by Fritz Onion over on pluralsight mentioning that he was happy to see Visual Basic 2005 adopting the C# using statement to make resource management a little easier in VB. He went on to concede that it wasn’t quite as elegant as the corresponding C#. Here is the VB example he provided: