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  • Windows 2008 Remote Desktop Color Depth

    One of the features of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 6.1 is the ability for clients to connect with a color depth of 32 bits per pixel (bpp). This allows alpha blending in a terminal session which in turn allows layered windows to work correctly. Although it's a bit of a bandwidth hog, it can be really handy for developers testing graphics applications remotely (or to take great screenshots remotely).

  • Visual C++ in Short: Converting between Unicode and UTF-8

    The Windows SDK provides the WideCharToMultiByte function to convert a Unicode, or UTF-16, string (WCHAR*) to a character string (CHAR*) using a particular code page. Windows also provides the MultiByteToWideChar function to convert a character string from a particular code page to a Unicode string. These functions can be a bit daunting at first but unless you have a lot of legacy code or APIs to deal with you can just specify CP_UTF8 as the code page and these functions will convert between Unicode UTF-16 and UTF-8 formats. UTF-8 isn’t really a code page in the original sense but the API functions lives on and now provide support for UTF conversions.

  • Visual C++ in Short: Converting between numbers and strings

    C++ developers have a number of options available to them for converting between numbers and strings, few of which are very appealing. Most developers are familiar with the likes of atoi and itoa from the C Run-Time Library. The main problem is that these functions don’t have a coherent way of reporting errors. Although there have been some attempts to improve these functions, most notably the addition of the security enhancements introduced by Microsoft, they are still not very helpful.

  • This and that

    It’s been a while since I posted anything. I spent some time in South Africa. Increasingly I feel like it’s time to go home. If only it were that simple. We’ve also had a bit of a rough time here in England. I have also heard that a few people assumed that I’d be driving around in a Ferrari after the announcement about PlateSpin’s acquisition for $205 million in cash. I should just mention that I left PlateSpin about six months before the acquisition and did not get to share in the big payout for a variety of subtle and not so subtle reasons. So if you’ve enjoyed my articles feel free to support me by purchasing a license for Window Clippings – it will be much appreciated!   :)