4 hours of Microsoft Silverlight 2 Training for free

AppDev is nice enough to give a part of their Silverlight 2 training for free. You can download the first four modules from their new eight-module "Exploring Microsoft Silverlight 2" course featuring expert Dino Esposito!! This is about four hours of video plus sample code. 

Topics covered in this free training include:

  • Why Use Silverlight?
  • Using Silverlight from DOM
  • First Look at Silverlight
  • Essential WPF
  • Silverlight App Mechanics
  • Controls and Binding
  • XAP Packages
  • LINQ and Silverlight
  • On-Demand and XML
  • Silverlight and Threading
  • Accessing Page DOM
  • Isolated Storage


[edit: sorry, forgot the link!]

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