Activate internet tethering on Samsung Focus with Rogers Canada

Disclaimer: All this works today (tested on several phones), but might not work tomorrow…

Warning: After this setup you won’t be able to sync your phone with the Zune software via a cable, only via WiFi. Unless you manually switch back to cable mode (painful). You won’t be able to deploy apps you build with VS2010 as well…

This setup works for the Samsung Focus phone provided by Rogers Canada carrier.

Please note this is for educational only, hoping for Microsoft to activate this feature in the near future… Waiting for that I am not responsible for any damage to your computer or phone.


So here is the setup to activate internet tethering to share your phone’s data connection with your Windows 7 laptop:

Download and install the drivers on your computer


Activate the diagnostic menu

- On the phone go to the keypad and dial ##634# and hit the call button.
- A diagnostic screen appear with a keypad
- Dial *#7284# which will bring up the USB Path Control settings (Zune Sync, Modem Tethered Call, and Modem USB Diag)
- Choose Modem Tethered Call


Configure the modem

Start menu, type and select "device manager"
Click "Modems"
Verify that the modem is here

Right click on it / Properties / Advanced
Then type this for "Extra initialization commands":



Setup the connection

Start menu, type "Network and sharing center"
Set up a new connection
Choose: "Set up a dial-up connection"
Enter the following info:
phone number = *99***1#
user name = wapuser1
password = wap


Disable IP Header Compression

Right-click on your dial-up connection, click properties and select “Networking” tab


Properties / Advanced / uncheckUse IP header compression


That’s all folks!
so 1996…..

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  • Works like a charm. Many Thanks.
    This really has the making of a great mobile OS, and MS was smart on have a min req of a 1 gig processor. Battery life is atrocious, but the speed and glorious super amoled display make up for it.

    Apple and Android lovers may heap scorn, but I think if they look past their biases, they'll see something worth a 2nd look.
    I left my 3GS to try out the Focus and now I've the iPhone on Kijiji.

    Thanks again.

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