Blog-Tag: Five Things You Might Not Know About Me

I have been blog-tagged by Etienne, so I need to list 5 personnal things. Easy for me to tell 5 things others may not know about me as... few people know me !

  1. I was born and grow up in France. I like travelling and I'm fond of outdoor sports, here is a list of sports I've been practicing a part in my life: climbing, golf, baseball, ice-skating, sky-diving, paragliding, roller-skating, rink-hochey, skiing, skateboarding, snowboarding, funboarding, kayaking, archery, judo. Next on the list are skidoo and dog sledding (done!).
  2. I discovered and browsed my first website in 1995 and never stopped exploring the web since then. I realized very early that web technologies will rule my life. In 2003 I had the chance to discover ASP.NET in Bewise and learnt so much there!
  3. Then in summer 2006 I sold everything and moved to canada "To see something else" with my girlfriend, 2 bags and no idea what we will found.
  4. I found the process of starting again from the beginning very exciting !
  5. I'm a real bilboquet (cup-and-ball) Champion!
    (sure I could be in the Guinness book)

Let's make this tag-thing cross the ocean... I'm tagging Laurent KempĂ©, Cyril and Sonu.

[Update: after one winter in Quebec I've now done skidoo and dog sledding, next!]

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