Customize Vista Favorite Links

I was stuck with this for months (really!) :
Favorite Links in Vista's Windows Explorer is a really nice feature (although not my best one *)... but why the fuck they did not put "Downloads" and "Videos" on my favorite links ?? I go there 60 times a day.

So how do you customize favorite links ?
I posted this 6 months ago on Live QnA, but got no answers.... maybe it was a bit early ;-)
Then I posted it again last week and got the solution right away.... this was so easy... just go to C:\Users\YourUsername\Links and add folder shortcuts ! (or virtual folders, but app shortcuts are not supported).

If you don't know Live QnA this is a beta Windows Live Service to find answers that Google sometimes can't, like "What is the name of that band which did first part of Placebo yesterday in Montreal ?". 

* Each time someone ask what is my favorite Vista feature, I always answer : "right click, rename !!!!!!!!!!!! Vista auto-select file name without extension, how efficient is that !!??" my favorite feature far behind, and for sure one day I will find someone who agree with me...


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