IE8 beta 2: shit that’s good!


Downloaded it
Installed it
Love it!

Unlike beta 1, I am gladly surprised by this version!
IE8 really improve the way you browse the web.

The IE team seems to have listened to users more than usual, did a strong research on how people browse the web, and as a result worked a lot on user experience.

First we have a wonderful new tab experience. I am a really heavy tab user, usually after 5 minutes of surfing I have more than 25 tabs opened and my browser start to freeze (I have IE taking 400 MB of memory more than often).

  • Related tabs are grouped by color, that means all the tabs opened from links on one tab are identified with the same color.
  • Tabs are more isolated from each other so crashes won’t stop your browsing session anymore.
  • You can reopen closed tabs, or even your entire last browsing session!

New tab menu:
IE8 new tab menu

Related tabs grouped by color:
IE8 tabs grouped by color

IE8 also brings nice features I was waiting for (often copied from Firefox):

  • Find as you type! at least!!!!! I use it every time so I had to install an addin before.

IE8 Find as you type

  • The Search bar also search in your favorites (and history and feeds).

IE8 search bar 

I won’t detail but you will also find other features to make your daily browsing more efficient, like Web Slices and Accelerators (new name for Activities).



After MIX conference my advice to people was to install the beta 1 in a VPC only because it was developers oriented only and not very user friendly. After a few hours I can tell that IE8 beta 2 is safe ton install on your machine. For those who wonder, beta 2 is much more responsive than beta 1, which is not difficult..

Can’t wait for the final version!


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