Learning WCF RIA Services

In my quest to learn WCF RIA Services I read a lot of articles and I thought I could share the most useful and highest quality links I found.


Nikhil Kothari has a very nice set of advanced articles (pure gems):

In fact he explains the code he uses in his awesome RIA Services Essential code sample:


If you want in depth info on the core of this technology, I definitely recommend reading Mike Taulty blog (technically insane content!):


Brian Noyes has started a series of great articles on SilverlightShow.com :


Brad Abrams, while in charge of this technology, wrote an incredible number of articles on the different ways to use RIA Services, very different then the classic SQL Express/Entity Framework/Linq/Domain Service samples. He shows how you can use RIA Services with Linq To Sql, NHibernate, POCO, ADO.NET DataSet, WCF Data Services, WCF, DTO, Custom Linq Provider, Stored Procedures, Sql Azure, WPF, MVC, MVVM, WinForms, …... Fantastic and original content, a book should be created based on this work!!


After that, if you still have questions (and you will..), you should ask on the official WCF RIA Services forum:


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