My blog in French, or Spanish, or Chinese, or…?

Use the Microsoft Translator Widget to translate your web site!

Translator widget

Microsoft Translator team has announced a translator widget for web pages at MIX09 (Surprisingly this is not a Windows Live Something…). The Microsoft Translator web page widget allows you to bring real-time, in-place translations to your web site. It uses the Microsoft Translator AJAX API, which was also announced at MIX09, and is a small, customizable widget that you can place on your web page and it helps you instantly makes the page available in multiple languages. Users can hover over the translation to see the original content!

I have put the widget on this blog and it seems to be working pretty well! The only drawback is the translation quality… far from perfect, but on this side there will always be something to improve!

The widget is currently in private Technology Preview and will be available at:


  • "Laurent Duveau

    No soy un pobre lonesome
    Desarrollo de Silverlight..."

    Yes you're right: FAR from perfect ;)


  • I will definitely be using this, it will allow people who cant read english very well to understand my blog. I hope I can prevent it from translating certain content, like code listings.

  • I don't think it's a very good idea. On the first hand it allows people who don't know English to read your posts. On the other hand the quality of machine translations is always poor.

    If a person who knows English very bad and translated something wrong and does something wrong according to his translations, it's certainly his own fault. But what about machine translation in this case? Who is to blame if a person follows a wrong advice due to wrong translation?

    By the way, the widget overlaps with the content layer in Firefox.

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