My Silverlight talk at Microsoft Innovation Briefing

This morning I did a Silverlight 2 talk at Microsoft Montreal, during a half-day briefing called Building Compelling Websites on the Microsoft Platform.

That was a 1 hour talk to present Silverlight 2, DeepZoom, Expression Blend and create from scratch a Silverlight 2 application which consume LINQ To SQL data exposed by a WCF service with VS2008.

I would like to thank Paul Laberge for offering me the opportunity to do my very first presentation in english...

Here are the links to the online demos I showed:


Performances comparison with DHTML/Flex/SL1.0/SL2:

Free charts controls:

Medical sample (amazing) application:

Here is a link to the powerpoint slides I used:

Here is a zip file with the DeepZoom "Bill Gates" demo (hope you liked it!) and the Silverlight 2 + WCF + LINQ app I built live.

You'll appreciate my funky UI.

For the gentleman who asked the question I couldn't answer:

Question: "Can you customize the default Loading animation the user get while waiting for a Silverlight application to start ?"

Answer: "Yes! you can find a tutorial in the Quickstarts:"

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  • Laurent, it was a real pleasure to have you co-present! You did an amazing job and I am really looking forward to having you present at more of these events in the future!

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