Try Popfly!

I recently came back to Popfly and noticed some nice changes :

  • Much cleaner user interface
  • Blocks organized by category
  • Tweaking feature
  • Dapper and Facebook integration

If you do not know what Popfly is about, Nik Cubrilovic from TechCrunch wrote a new review :

"With Popfly, you can create applications, mashups, web pages and widgets (gadgets) and it is all tied together in a social network (as part of the Live Spaces platform) where you can connect with other users and publishers of applications. Mashups are created by dragging in and connecting ‘blocks’ which produce an output. Blocks are modules that connect to various web services API’s, and even today there are dozens of different blocks that work with a whole variety of different web services."

Also read: Top 10 reasons "Why I Think Popfly is Cool ?" by John Montgomery (Popfly Program Manager): 

Meet the Popfly team in this Channel 9 webcast :

Currently the project status is still private Alpha-test, I have 5 invitations so leave a comment if you want one of them!


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