Zune not working on Desktop USB

I was not able to setup my Zune device since I bought my new desktop PC.

I downloaded and installed the latest version of the Zune Software, removed and reinstall Zune driver, nothing worked!


- Connect Zune to the PC with the USB cable
- Zune software launch
- Get the message : "Searching for device..." and then...... nothing happens!

No way to find out why!!

Tonight I found the solution : I plugged my Zune through an external powered USB hub (and not directly on the computer) and now... it works like a charm!
My USB ports are working correctly, but I suspect them to not supply enough power for a Zune...

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  • I like the Zune and all, nice screen and stuff, but why isn't there time? I mean, everyone needs something like that!

    And is there anyway I can use it as a hard drive and add "non-compatible" formated data? like Word and MPEG or something?

    if you know!!! TELL ME NOW!


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