Zune Vista Gadget


Wow, here is a really cool Vista Sidebar gadget !
The Zune gadget acts just like a music player in the side bar, that looks and behaves just like the Zune!
It displays informations from your music library (pictures, tags, ...), is fully customizable and can be used with keyboard.

The layout is fantastic for a gadget and it provides lots of settings :

Read the review on ZuneInfo.com:


Download it on Windows Live Gallery:


[via Renaud Comte]


  • I love this but I am getting 2 runtime error messages
    First when I open it I get the error line 121: Invalid procedure call or argument and second whe I scroll or attempt to pick and artist I get line 331: error artistlist[...] is null or not sn object but it plays music.
    How can I fix this? Thanks

  • Hi,
    Unfortunatly I'm not the author of this gadget, but you can contact him at :

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