Bought a Nokia Lumia 900

I am sick of my Samsung Galaxy. I considered it as a half-done project with beta software. I saw a fantastic deal for Lumia 900 on Amazon Wireless for $49. In addition, Nokia is offering a $100 instant rebate to make up for a post-launch bug by April 21. The phone is currently ranked #1 on Amazon wireless and has a incredible customer rating. So I decided to give it a try.


The phone arrived 2 days later. The construction and screen of the phone looks really nice. When I set the date/time of the clock, I really like the very large number and how it scrolls. The phone feels more responsive than Galaxy. However, I have also found a few places that could be polished:

  1. Outlook setup. The small company that I work with uses a self-sign certificate on the Exchange server. The Outlook in WP7 does not have an option for me to ignore the certificate error warning. So it took me a couple of hours to figure out how to access our Exchange server. Basically, I use browser to visit the Outlook Web Access. I will see the certificate warning in my Internet Explorer. From there, I bring up the property page, click “Certificates”, then Details and click “Copy to File…”. I export the certificate as a .p7b file and then email to my hotmail account. I open the email in my phone, and then open the .p7b attachment and installed the certificate. I was able to access our Exchange server from then on. I think an option to skip certificate error could be nice.
  2. Marketplace: In the search results, there isn’t any indication whether an application is already installed.
  3. Contacts: The phone imported by Hotmail contacts. I also imported the contact list from my old phone using the Contact Transfer application under Nokia collection. When I tried to dial the phone, both email and phone contacts show up. I think the phone can certainly filter out the contacts that do not have phone number. Right now it seems there are too many contacts. I am going to try the grouping feature try to group the contacts.

So much for my first day of experience with Lumia 900. Lastly, I would like to share this very useful article that I found:

10 things you never knew your Lumia could do.

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