Gave a talk at SoCal Code Camp at USC today titled “Linq to Objects A-Z”

I gave a talk at SoCal Code Camp on Linq to Objects. With careful categorization of Linq functions, I was able to cover the entire set of Linq functions in only 35 minutes. I was able to spend the rest time on demos.

In my first demo, I show I was able to write a top 20 URL type of query using 4 lines of library code and 9 line of Linq code without tools like Log Parser. I also demonstrated that I only need to change 2 lines of code from querying a single log file to a whole directory of log files. It would be as simple to run the query against multiple servers in parallel.

In my second demo, I discussed how to turn into graph depth-first-search (DFS) and breath-first-search (BFS) in the a Linq queryable problem. The class LingToGraph contains the only DFS and BFS code I ever have to write; the rest could be done the the lambda passed to the DFS or BFS calls.

In future blogs, I will provide more details explanation of code.


Link to Powerpoint slides.

Link to demos.

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