The history.back and refresh problem

It is fairly common in applications that we have a list page/details page pairs. When we need to add a new record or edit an existing record, we click on the “Add New” link or the “Edit” link from the list page to go to the details page. When we finish adding or editing, we go back to the list page and expect to see the information updated.

At the first glance, developer can use history.back if no post-back occurred or use response.redirect if a post-back occurred. However, what if the list page has a filter or is at a page number other than the first? How do we return to where we were on the list page?

If we search Bing on “history.back and refresh”, we can see a number of discussions. However, there are no good solutions. It is difficult to have a Javascript only solution because Javascript has the life time of a page. So we need a bit of assistance from the server but we do not want to leave session variables behind because we would leave many session variables behind if the application has many list/detail pairs. The following is one possible solution to the problem:

  1. Change links to the detail page on the list page to post-backs . For ASP.NET Web Form, this can be easily done by changing links to LinkButtons.
  2. Upon posting back to the list page, capture the current filter criteria and page number. Save the information to a session variable and do a response.redirect to the details page.
  3. From the details page, save the filter data from the list page into a hidden control or use ViewState if using ASP.NET Web Form. Remove the session variable.
  4. Use post-back in the details page for both “Save” and “Cancel”. Save the filter data into the session again and do a response.redirect to the list page.
  5. From the list page, check the existence of a session variable for filter. If it exists, populate the filter and page number and remove it from the session. We have thus returned to where we were on the list page and have left no trace of session variables behind.

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