Uploaded ASP Classic Compiler Build

It has been a long time without a new release. This release contains only a few small fixes, but it is a change in the strategy. I decided to branch the code: one branch to stabilize the VBScript 4.0 features and the other branch to implement the VBScript 5.0 features such as Eval/Execute and VBScript classes.

The reason is that not all users need VBScript 5.0 features. Some users have only a small number of VBScript classes and can easily convert them to C# classes as VBScript.net can use .net classes. Although I still have a lot to do to reach a mature release, some users only use limited VBScript features so they can use ASP Classic Compiler first. I will issue a license under the “Early Access Program” for those users who want to go live with pre-release versions of ASP Classic Compiler.

The “Early Access Program” is an enterprise/ISV class of program with source code access. It allows participating users to self-support under emergency situations with source code access. Although the compiler code may have a steep learning curve, many users can learn simple bug fixes fairly quickly by following bug fixes in the source control system. The remaining users can still get the binaries from the Codeplext site http://aspclassiccompiler.codeplex.com without warranty. If you are interested in the program, please contact me using the contact user form.

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