In keeping with my tradition of simplifying my point, I've trimmed down my 30 page manifesto on ImageLists to the following:

Sealed ImageLists suck and I'm getting ulcers from working with them.
Ok, so maybe I should explain a bit more here. I have a rather large application with a rather large number of windows. Each of these windows has a toolbar and menu of some kind. And more importantly, they all use the same collection of images (of the 100 images in my collection, 60% are used in 90% of the windows). And thanks to someone on the .NET team, I'm forced to either maintain a separate ImageList for each of my windows or loose all design-time functionality of the ImageList.

I'm not looking for the world, just a shared ImageList. If I could just build my own UserControl that inherits from ImageList, I could then add my images to the UserControl and in turn use that control on my forms. Then I need only maintain a single ImageList that every form could have immediate access too. It would be ImageList Nirvana. But no, I'm get to remain stuck in ImageList Hell because someone at Microsoft deemed me to dangerous and sealed the damn class. Thanks...

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  • Would it be possible to create a base page that contains the imagelist /w all the graphics, and then inherit from that base page for all the others?

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