Holy Acronym Batman!

As I mentioned last night, we are moving into a new office. Along with this move comes the purchasing of new development machines. Now it has been some time since I actually purchased a myself, so I was in for quite a shock. And after spending 3 hours working on a PO I came to a conclusion; we must end this acronym madness!

I mean it guys, we have gone way overboard in the naming department. I can't for the life of me tell whether I'm purchasing a PC here or ordering a medical procedure. It is no wonder that the rest of the world looks at us like we are lobotomized martians.

I know that we spend so much time surrounded by this technology that we simply get used to the massive collection of acronyms. And I'm sure it as true for the hardware guys as it is for us software geeks. But I've now seen what it looks like from the outside, and it ain't pretty.


Oh, and does anyone know what an AOPEN MX440/128/DX9 is? Is it anything like a vasectomy?


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