Peter Coffee

Mr. Peter Coffee over at eWeek opined that developers should start writing software¬†that knows what updates to some other company’s software might possible break our application at some point in the future. \

I think Mr. Coffee has seen too many IBM commercials. He does know that there is no magic pixie dust right?

Anyway, maybe I need to go see a woman about obtaining a crystal ball…..


  • This guy is mentally disturbed, if you ask me!!!

    That's about the same as saying a car has to be prepared for people who might want to put sand in his gastank!

    What an idiot!

    It's because I have to register at the forum that I won't reply there, but I'm definitly sending this guy an email RIGHT NOW!

  • Know what, I'm gonna forward this url to him! ;)

  • These are the kind of comments you get from "technical" editors and columnists who really don't know all that much about technology.

    Jim Rapoza also suggested in a previous eWeek that Microsoft should rewrite Windows from the ground up! All 50 million lines of it! I laughed, then threw it away.

    These are the same people that in their "unbiased" reviews always rate Java programs pretty much the same way, and Windows programs the same way. Seriously, look at their reviews over a couple of different issues. It's like they have a lookup table on how to rate Java vs. Microsoft programs. Also, how can you review something in a couple of days? No company I've ever been at can evaluate all the nuances of a new *version* of an app, let alone whole new apps, that quickly. At least with any degree of accuracy.

    So I finally got fed up with the technical and editorial inaccuracy and tried to unsubscribe. They wouldn't let me. Then I tried not renewing when I got my "Last Issue!" Alas it still comes every week.

  • So let me get this straight. A new OS is incompatible with existing software, and this guy thinks that symmantec should have had an automatic update out to fix the problem BEFORE the os was released?

    He wants his problems solved before they are found?

    "You sir, are an idiot"

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