Framework On The Brain (Brain On The Floor)

Julie has made me feel guilty for focusing on the language more than .NET itself. I admit that I've ignored large swaths of .NET in my desire to get up to speed on the languages (C#, VB.NET). In hindsight, I've probably short-changed myself in the process because so much of what makes up .NET is contained in the Framework rather than the language itself.

So, with this in mind, I've spend the last two days digging into the multitude of classes in the .NET Framework. One thing I've learned is that  there are a lot of damn classes.

My only question; is there a function to put my brain back into my head? It seems to have melted and drained out my ear sometime around class number 4,000....

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  • Marc- I wasn't aiming at guilt or prosceletizing or anything. Just trying to sort things out in my head. It will take a long time to find the right fit, that is for sure. But way cool that I inspired you. Though that is only passed on from Sam Gentile, really.

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