Sometimes smart people say stupid things. Sometimes stupid people say smart things. And then there is Rory’s buddy-o Christopher Anthony.  I’ve not read insight as on-point as Christopher’s since I first read Time Cube….

Now if you don’t mind I need to go bleach my eyes.



  • Surely that website is tongue in cheek? No individual can be that stupid in real lide.

  • I don't think so--I've met a lot of Linux-bigots that think that way. The funniest thing was when he said that Linux was "hacker-proof," seems I read an article recently that hackers invaded Linux systems last year more than Windows. Oh well, some people just like to sew their eyes shut.

  • NO this guy is for real, I've seen him around a bit in the last month. He's definetly a troll though too. Most of his comments are just plain WRONG or VERY onesided. You could write a reverse one sided argument for Linux just as easily.

    I wash he would turn on comments so that we could debate his points.

  • If he's for real, then clearly he's never written a line of code in his life.

    His comments are so utterly divorced from reality that I was convinced that it was a parody until I read these comments.

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