Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 7

Keyboard shortcuts can be huge time savers, so I’ve been pleased to see the many additional shortcuts and mouse movements supported with Windows 7. 

This is a quick blog post on a couple favorites of mine. 


  1. When you have a program already opened on the taskbar and you want to open a new instance of that program rather than displaying the already opened instance, Shift-Click.  This will start a new instance.  I use it all the time for applications like Chrome and Notepad.
  2. Use the Windows key plus a number to open a program.  For example, I have Chrome as my 2nd icon so Win-2 will always open Chrome.
  3. If you want to open a new instance using your keyboard use Shift-Win-2.
  4. Be sure to pin your favorite icons to the Task Bar, and your secondary icons to the top of the Start menu.

Here are some links to more good shortcuts: (includes video)


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