Last Day With OrcsWeb

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since my first day at OrcsWeb. Today is my last official day, but I’ll still be close by. I have a number of ties here, including being a customer through Vaasnet.

So much has changed in this time. Ten years ago I began working for OrcsWeb from Canada. Nine years ago I moved my family down here to North Carolina and assumed the role of Director of Technology.  I was able to be a part of the company as it grew in staff, servers, customers, and reputation. I feel honored to be a part of OrcsWeb during these exciting years.

During my time at OrcsWeb I have been given opportunities to attend conferences, meet and become friends with top technical experts in the field, write articles, co-author two books, and speak at conferences and code camps. It was through OrcsWeb that I was given opportunities to be active in the community, to become a Microsoft MVP and an ASPInsider.

I’m grateful to Brad and Karla Kingsley who have always treated me like more than an employee. They have always encouraged me to grow and to pursue my dreams.

I’m thankful to Jeff Graves who has been accommodating to my evolving schedule and less than full time availability.  And in terms of technical smarts, Jeff tops the list!  And I’m also thankful of the rest of the team at OrcsWeb who are experts in the field, and with whom it’s always been a privilege to work.

Moving forward, I have two main focuses. I’ll be able to spend more time on Vaasnet (a company I co-founded with Jeff Widmer) to see the company position itself further in the market and to strengthen both the product and the brand.  Additionally, I’m working in a part time basis with Dynamicweb an established CMS and eCommerce company in Europe who is just moving into the US market. Dynamicweb has a strong product already and I’m excited to work with the leadership team in the US. Expect to see more of Dynamicweb in the coming months and years.

I just want to reiterate a big thanks to OrcsWeb for helping write such an important chapter in my life. And it’s with excitement that I look forward to the next chapter of my life.


  • It has been great having you on our team these past ten years Scott. You've contributed greatly to not only the company but the lives of the staff through the relationships developed.

    We all wish you the best with Vaasnet and look forward to continue working with you - now as a vendor/client relationship... and still of course the friendships. :)


  • Good luck Scott! It was an honor to work with you and the rest of the OrcsWeb family. Wishing you the best in your future endeavors. -- Jesse

  • Thanks Jesse. Likewise, it was an honor working with you. Hope you're doing well!

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