Mastering IIS - Understanding the Schema-Week 19

IIS is a powerful web platform, and since version 7.0 everything, absolutely everything, is backed by a schema.  This defines the settings, defaults and value ranges that IIS uses.

This means that tools can use it to ensure that they are 100% complete in the IIS settings and that they can perform validation that doesn’t get out of date over time.  And administrators can use the schema as a treasure chest of information to understand IIS better.

This week I show the schema and walk through a few settings to introduce you to this core aspect of IIS.

This is week 19 of a 52 week Web Pro series on various web administration related tasks. Past and future videos can be found here.

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  • Hi AJ. Probably the best place to start is with some of the articles on This search seems to catch a few of them:

    For example, here's a good link on extending the IIS Manager UI:

    The book I co-authored (Professional IIS 7.0) has a chapter on extending the UI too.

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