Process Monitor Made Easy-Week 20

Every trade has their favorite tool, whether it be a hammer, calculator, or stethoscope.  For me, one of my top tools is Process Monitor.  I use it like a handy man uses duct tape.  With it I can easily troubleshoot access denied errors, files not found, strange path redirection, and many other unexpected behavior situations.

Talking about duct tape, I just noticed that it can even be used to cure warts!  But I digress.

In this week’s video I show off how easy Process Monitor is to troubleshoot various disk and registry related issues.  Within the first 4 minutes of the video I cover a complete end to end troubleshooting situation.  Then I dig in deeper on many of the other features.

Process Monitor is a free, tiny, fast, stable, powerful, and easy tool that every Windows administrator should become familiar with.

This is week 20 of a 52 week Web Pro series on various web administration related tasks. Past and future videos can be found here.

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  • hi,i am studying the iis7,i want to reference your site about iis7.but i cannot browse your full content.

  • Hi Pengjh,

    I'm not sure why that would be. You can access the video directly from See if that works for you.

  • Cool series about Process Monitor! About the duct tape cure for warts, yes it does work! I used duck tape to get rid of a plantar wart that just didn't want to go away with any off the counter treatment. I didn't want it to be cut out by the dr. as they have to go deep to get plantars warts out of feet so i tried duct tape and it actually worked. took about 2 weeks but definately noticed it started going away. after a week.

    Anyways, keep up the good series on Process Monitor. Learning lots!

  • Hi icecold_2. Thanks for the post! That's amazing about how well the duct tape works. I never would have guessed.

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