Web Pro Series–Week 1 (ping and tracert)

To start off the new year, today I’m starting a series of walkthrough videos which I plan to publish weekly for the duration of 2011.  I’ve wanted to create some walkthroughs on a few technologies for a while now, so here I am, committing myself to a year worth.

Whether you’re an IT Pro, a hobbyist, or a web developer wanting to stay abreast of the admin side, I hope to cover content for you.

My goal is 10 minutes or less per video, making them quick and easy to watch, and I hope to provide various gold nuggets of information throughout the walkthroughs that offer additional value.

Topics planned include: troubleshooting essentials, ARR and load balancing, URL Rewrite, SQL syntax for the IT pro, scripting, command line basics, IIS Shared Configuration, keyboard shortcuts and more.  I expect to jump back and forth between levels of difficulty to keep things mixed up.

Today I’m starting with a “Level 101” session on two basic but essential troubleshooting tools—ping and tracert.  These lay the foundation for many deeper troubleshooting videos in the future. 

Ping and Tracert walkthrough

Please let me know your thoughts and if you find these helpful, the right length and technical detail.  I’m sure the first few will be pretty rusty but it’s all part of the growing process.

You can get a full list of all of videos for this series from the Web Pro Series landing page.


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