Call for Abstracts for Spring 2012 DevConnections Conference

Calling all Speakers!


My name is Paul Sheriff and I am one of the conference chairs for DevConnections in the Spring of 2012 which will be held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. I am looking for some great speakers in 3 different areas of expertise.


1. Fundamentals Track

I need speakers that are adept at teaching business application programmers how to move to .NET, XAML, HTML5, JavaScript and JQuery. I am not looking for a re-hash of old seminar topics. I want new "step-by-step" oriented seminars that show people how to do one or two things well in VS.NET 2010 or later. I would really like step-by-step seminars as much as possible. I am especially interested in those seminars that show people how to move from old style programming to new style programming (Synchronous to Asynchronous, WCF Services, SOA, XAML, HTML5, etc.) I am looking for those seminars that teach the basics to business programmers across a wide variety of topics. Below are the technologies/areas that I think would be good for this track.

- Basics of HTML5

- Basics of JavaScript

- Basics of JQuery

- Moving from Synchronous programming to Asynchronous

- The Basics of C++ for Windows 8

- Suggest a topic…



2. Professional Development Track

This track will focus on the programmer who is moving up to architect, project manager or a development manager. The intent is to present a series of seminars that will help them build their skills in these areas.

- Project Management

- Requirements Gathering

- Estimating

- Architecture

- Suggest a topic…



3. Agile Track

This track will focus on how to implement the Agile process. The attendee should be presented with sessions around implementing Agile, Scrum, etc.


- Intro to Agile/Scrum

- Managing Agile/Scrum Teams

- Top 10 pitfalls of the Agile/Scrum process

- Suggest a topic…




IMPORTANT: We want fresh sessions! If you have presented a topic at DevConnections more than 2 times before, please do not submit those as we will not accept them. We will really be interested in topics around Windows 8, Metro, HTML5 and JavaScript and JQuery.


If you are interested, please let me know by emailing me directly at Here is what I need from you ASAP!

1. A title and short description of your proposed topic

2. Your willingness to present on a minimum of 3 topics

3. You are able to come March 26-March 29, 2012 to Las Vegas to speak on your topics

5. DEADLINE!  I need all of this by October 31, 2011

Please ALSO enter your abstract at


Abstract Format

Please really think about your Title and Abstract. I would prefer you to have it in the following format.


Title: The title should be very action oriented and explain exactly what you will get from this session. Think “Marketing and Sales”! You are selling your session to the attendees. Using numbers in your title are a great way to gather interest, for example; “Top 10 tips for ____”, “The 20 things you need to know to _____”, “You can learn _____ in just 75 minutes”, etc.


Description: Use a lot of action sentences and explain each demo and each point that the attendee will get from attending this seminar. Really sell this seminar to the attendee in here. If possible we would like to have the user walk away with a class, a DLL, a reusable widget, flash cards, a document with step-by-step instructions, or a set of concrete techniques from this session. Give some value to the attendee. Make this “Take Away” the last sentence in your abstract.


Please keep the abstracts under 200 words each and in one paragraph. No bulleted items and line breaks, and please use a spell-checker. You need to use the web-based tool to submit them officially, but send to me too please. Please submit at least 3 abstracts, but it would help your chances of being selected if you submitted 5 or more abstracts. Also, you are encouraged to suggest all-day pre or post conference workshops as well. We need to finalize the conference content and the tracks layout in just a few weeks, so we need your abstracts no later than October 31, 2011. NO EXECPTION will be granted on late submissions!


What you will get if selected:

- $500 per regular conference talk.

- Compensation for full-day workshops ranges from $500 for 1-20 attendees to $2500 for 200+ attendees.

- Airfare allowance of up to $500. If you are international, you will have to cover the rest.

- Hotel stay paid by the conference.

- Free admission to the conference.

- Speaker party.

- Lots of fun!



Paul D. Sheriff


PDSA, Inc.

Microsoft Regional Director, Southern California | (714) 734-9792, ext. 224



PDSA, Inc. is a Microsoft Partner in Southern California.

We specialize in Architecture Planning & Assessment, Custom Software Development, .NET and SQL Server.



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