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  • Additions on a Bootstrap Panel

    The Bootstrap panel classes allow you to create a bordered area on your web page. The panel classes give you a title area, a body area and a footer area. Most designers add buttons within the footer area to perform different actions on the information within the panel. Sometimes they add additional drop-downs or buttons within the body of the panel to reload the data or take action. While these work, sometimes you don’t want to take up that real estate with those actions. Instead you can use the title area of the panel for these additions. This blog post will show you how to accomplish this.

  • A Simple Bootstrap Radio Button for MVC

    In a previous blog post I talked about a simple push button style of radio buttones. This sample push button style can be applied to radio buttons too. This style of button is very easy to do with just some built-in Bootstrap styles and a little extra CSS.

  • A Simple Bootstrap Check Box for MVC

    I really enjoy working with Bootstrap and extending the styles to match what my customers want. Recently my customer wanted a simple push button style of check box and radio buttons. This turned out to be very easy to accomplish using the built-in Bootstrap styles and just a little extra CSS.

  • Bind Custom Radio Buttons to Integer Data

    In the last blog post I showed you how to bind radio buttons to a boolean value. In this blog post we will look at how to bind to integer values. In certain business applications you might have the user select a single value from a list of items coming from a database. You want to display these options as radio buttons and then retrieve the value the user selects.

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