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  • .Net Rocks TV - Architecting Windows Phone Applications

    I recently completed a .NET Rocks TV show with Carl Franklin. In this episode I discuss some design decisions that will help you create architecturally sound Windows Phone applications. Of course, many of the techniques will also apply to Silverlight and WPF application development as well. Check out the episode at

  • Tip on Reusing Classes in Different .NET Project Types

    All of us have class libraries that we developed for use in our projects. When you create a .NET Class Library project with many classes, you can use that DLL in ASP.NET, Windows Forms and WPF applications. However, for Silverlight and Windows Phone, these .NET Class Libraries cannot be used. The reason is Silverlight and Windows Phone both use a scaled down version of .NET and thus do not have access to the full .NET framework class library. However, there are many classes and functionality that will work in the full .NET and in the scaled down versions that Silverlight and Windows Phone use.
    Let’s take an example of a class that you might want to use in all of the above mentioned projects. The code listing shown below might be something that you have in a Windows Form or an ASP.NET application.

  • Get XML from Server for Use on Windows Phone

    When working with mobile devices you always need to take into account bandwidth usage and power consumption. If you are constantly connecting to a server to retrieve data for an input screen, then you might think about moving some of that data down to the phone and cache the data on the phone. An example would be a static list of US State Codes that you are asking the user to select from. Since this is data that does not change very often, this is one set of data that would be great to cache on the phone. Since the Windows Phone does not have an embedded database, you can just use an XML string stored in Isolated Storage. Of course, then you need to figure out how to get data down to the phone. You can either ship it with the application, or connect and retrieve the data from your server one time and thereafter cache it and retrieve it from the cache.

  • Get Application Title from Windows Phone

    In a Windows Phone application that is currently in development, I needed to be able to retrieve the main Application Title of the phone application. You can set the value for Deployment Title in the properties sheet of your Windows Phone Application, however getting to this value programmatically can be a little tricky.

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