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I am pleased to announce that I have released two more courses on

How to Start and Run a Consulting Business

Have you ever wanted to break out of the corporate life and be your own boss? Many people have this dream. In this course you will learn what it takes to start and be successful in your own consulting business. Throughout this video you will learn how to determine what your company should look like, how to manage your money wisely, how to get and keep clients, how best to survive the ups and downs of the economy and how to create an exit strategy. Your instructor has been running his own successful business for over 22 years and shares his valuable insight so you too can be a success!

Module 1: Hanging Your Shingle
Module 2: Money Matters
Module 3: How to Get and Keep Clients (or Marketing 101)
Module 4: How To Survive the Ups and Downs
Module 5: Creating an Exit Strategy

WPF for the Business Programmer
There are so many cool things you can do with WPF that would be impossible or very difficult with Windows Forms. In this video you will see some creative ways to use the WPF List Box. Some screens that you can use right away in your business applications will be presented. You will learn some unique ways to put together user controls to create unique shapes. Finally you will create a shell application to make your WPF application look like Windows 8. This course goes way beyond the basics of WPF to give you some unique insights on how to create business applications.

Module 1: The Flexible WPF List Box
Module 2: More Fun with the WPF List Box
Module 3: Develop Business Application Screens in WPF
Module 4: Create WPF Shapes with Text
Module 5: Creating a Windows 8 Shell in WPF

And of course, my first course is:

The Many Approaches to XML Processing in .NET Applications

Did you know that you can use XML instead of a SQL database for applications? Did you know there is LINQ to XML that allows you to process XML documents quickly and efficiently? If the answer is no to either of these two questions, then you need to watch this course. XML files are very common in today's programming world. You will most likely need to read files, write files and query XML within your applications. .NET provides a rich set of XML processing classes that you can use to perform all these functions. C# allows you to easily create, read and query XML files using XPath, LINQ to XML and other methods. In this course you will learn to read and write XML files using the various .NET classes. You will see some real-world uses of XML files in applications.

Module 1: What is this XML Thing Anyway?
Module 2: A Myriad of Methods to Read XML
Module 3: 16 Ways to Write XML Documents
Module 4: Real World Uses of XML
Module 5: LINQ to XML Step-by-Step
Module 6: Use XML: An Alternative to SQL

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