Helsinki was a Blast

I had the pleasure of attending the Microsoft Finnish DevDays event today and presented both the opening and closing keynotes.  We had 750 .NET developers attend which was a great turn-out, and the feedback from attendees was really good.  Special thanks go to Teemu for inviting me to speak at the event. 

My closing keynote was a new talk with brand new content focused on "futures" and two of the projects we are working on.  Specifically I talked about LINQ and DLINQ and built some demos that showed off the core concepts.  The next CTP drop of LINQ/DLINQ has a built-in template for ASP.NET web projects in VS 2005 - so you can install it and just choose the ASP.NET LINQ template to get the C# 3.0 compiler with full LINQ support in it.  I am super excited about LINQ/DLINQ and will be blogging about it more over the next month (and publish my samples) once the CTP is out.  It is going to offer up some radical opportunities for the future.

The second half of my talk then focused on IIS7 and showed off several of the really cool new features it brings (I listed a few of them in an earlier post here).  I'll also be blogging a lot more about this over the next two months -- especially once the Windows Vista beta2 is out so that anyone can follow along. much to blog about and yet so little time... :-)


P.S. Tomorrow I'm off to the UK (my third country in three days).  It is 3am here right now and the flight leaves in a few hours.  Ugh.


  • Any idea as to when the next LINQ CTP drop is? :)

  • It was nice seeing you there and I truly liked your presentations !

    Thanks also for showing some Atlas action too. It was exciting to see how easy it is to build an simple Atlas-enabled app.

  • Hi David,

    I believe in the next few weeks (although I don't have the exact details). It is very, very cool. :-)



  • When .NET 2.0 came out I was slightly disapointed that XPath 2.0 and XSLT 2.0 weren't factored in the mix, to do flexible transformations and queries in code. It seemed like developments in this area had stopped. This LINQ/XLinq stuff seems a facinating and powerful direction to go in.

    Just as an aside - and XML based - what technologies are being introduced to allow node based (not document based) schema validation ie. which elements can be added above and below or deleted/moved? Seems an obvious ommission when creating flexible XML based web apps.

  • Are you showing off Atlas in the UK?

  • Hi Stephen,

    Unfortunately I'm not presenting in the UK on this trip. :-(

    But I will come again soon.



  • Hi Scott !!!

    Thanks for your excellent opening and closing keynotes in Helsinki ! :)

    Is it possible to download your demos in net ?

    When are you coming next time to Helsinki ?

    Thanks very much,


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