Slides + Samples Posted from my TechEd LINQ Talk

One of the highlights for me of my recent trip to TechEd NZ and Australia was the opportunity I had to create and present a new "Building Data Driven ASP.NET Web Applications using LINQ" talk.  LINQ is a super cool new technology, and is going to have an absolutely enormous impact on .NET developers and how they use data.  I had a lot of fun doing the talk, and people seemed to really like it (someone told me just before I flew back that it was the most highly rated talk at TechEd this year).

You can download the final slides + samples I presented here

The samples use a class library that I built during that talk that encapsulates my LINQ data model classes that go against the Northwind database (please read this post to learn more about how to build a re-usable LINQ class library like this).  I also then included 14 separate ASP.NET page samples that show off different concepts within LINQ (starting with LINQ for Objects, then LINQ for SQL, and then LINQ for XML).  Update the northwind connectionstring within the web.config file of the web-site to run them against any SQL Northwind sample database instance you have.


Learning more about LINQ

To learn more LINQ with ASP.NET, please read these other posts I've done about it:

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  • Is there any webcast available for this event?

  • Scott, I wouldn't be surprised if you were the highest rated presenter at Tech.Ed Oz - your presentation style and ease at which you show complex topics is awesome! I really enjoyed all your sessions!

  • Scott -

    What is the prognosis of BLINQ in light of ADO.NET eF?


  • Everytime you link to something, you place two links instead of one.
    I notices this with your links to other good blog postings.

    But here again with the ZIP-file: Download is a hyperlink and "here", too.

    (Just noticed)

  • Hello Mr.Scott
    I am programmer for company in jordan to web developer, we work with ASP.NET (c#).
    I am create new project in Visual Studio. net web Application on IIS windows xp.
    and database SQL server 2000.
    i am finish programmer web application,Now i want to transfer into Server site.
    i have domain and hosting support aspx.
    Transfer through FTP.
    - What is file must loading into server?
    - how make complier this file dll?
    - i have class i want make dll file for this project?how?
    - file web.config what is change is this code - tcpip is IP for server, DS is the same IP
               mode="InProc"       stateConnectionString="tcpip="
               sqlConnectionString="data source=;Uid=test;Pwd=test"
    - how can transfer for database into server
    export file .sql or what?
    >>>>>>.please help any question<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    send me question is email.
    with my best regards

  • Hi Sahil,

    Right now BLINQ only supports LINQ for SQL. We are looking at making it more extensible going forward, though, and might add support for LINQ for Entities with BLINQ as well.



  • Hi Ahmad,

    You can use either the web deployment project or web application project to compile your project into a single assembly. You would then want to copy the assembly + the .aspx and content files to the remote host.

    Exporting and importing data into your database is best achieved by exporting to a .sql file and then importing it at the hoster side.

    Hope this helps,


  • Need to be able to display a text file with default values in it and then also should be able to alter the text in it and then save it ..

    I'm a beginner in this so Please could you help me with the code to do so or guide me as to how should i go with it .......

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