ASP.NET Tips and Tricks and LINQ Slides/Demos from CodeMash

Below are the slides + demos for the two breakout talks I presented this past Friday at the CodeMash conference:

ASP.NET 2.0 Tips and Tricks

This talk covered ASP.NET UI, AJAX, Caching and Deployment Tips and Tricks, and Visual Studio 2005 tips/tricks.  Click here to download the slides+demos for this talk.

You can learn more about the Visual Studio build performance optimization suggestions by reading this past post of mine on improving build performance.  You can also find several dozen more ASP.NET and Visual Studio Tips/Tricks of mine on my Tips and Tricks summary page.

Building Data Driven Web Applications using LINQ

This talk provided a drill down of LINQ (which will ship later this year), and demonstrated some of the dramatic productivity improvements it will bring for ASP.NET.  Click here to download the slides+demos for this talk.

You can learn more about LINQ and how to use it with ASP.NET by reviewing some of my past LINQ posts.  Here are a few in particular worth reviewing:

Thanks again to everyone who attended my talks - I really had a great time and hope you did too! 


P.S. I will also be posting the slides + demos from my LINQ keynote at the CodeMash event shortly.


  • thanks for posting the slides. Its always fun to see your posts

  • Hi Andy,

    You'll be able to use the ObjectDataSource with LINQ, or you'll be able to use a new LINQDataSource that we'll be shipping in "Orcas" that supports binding UI controls to LINQ entities. I think this later option is going to be pretty sweet - and allows you to avoid having to write an intermediate controller class.

    Our plan is to have a Beta1 out in the next few months - so not too far away now. :-)



  • Hi Jules,

    Glad you like LINQ! :-)

    Right now we are targetting Orcas to RTM the second half of this year. We are also looking to have a go-live license available in the Beta2 timeframe, which will allow production usage before RTM.

    Hope this helps,


  • Scott,

    I enjoyed all 3 of your presentations at CodeMash. You are a warrior! I kept seeing the Redmond-time on your clock and thinking, "how is he still going strong?" Hope you slept on the flight.

    Will LINQ integrate with Patterns & Practices (Enterprise Library) at some point?


  • Thanks for posting these. The talks at CodeMash were very informative and interesting.

  • Scott,

    Thanks *so* much for travelling out to CodeMash and doing a great keynote and breakout sessions. You really helped make our first conference a big success!


  • Hi Scott Gu,

    I live in Kosovo.

    Im student, im looking forward to start writing articles in albanian language about Microsoft Technologies( ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, etc.).

    What will I profit from this.

  • Hi Scott,

    I am really interested in testing and possibly using LINQ, but I tried to install it on several of my systems without success. It may be related to my Vista and/or VS2005 Version. As I am from Germany I use the German Vista/VS2005. Under Vista the installation stucks completly.


  • Hi Ralf,

    Can you send me email on this? I'll then loop you in with someone from the LINQ team to investigate.



  • plz send me some more validation examples ..

  • How To Send Email ASP.Net2005 In Server.
    please More Explanation SMTP

  • I really enjoyed your presentations at CodeMash.  The discussions about LINQ were really good and I finally feel like I've got a good idea about what it can do and why it's going to be such a powerful tool for dealing with data.

  • Scott, great keynote at Codemash. So glad you could make it out!! ASP.NET Ajax is really rocking and developers are very exited to get going with it- got a lot of positive feedback about it at my sessions.

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