Quick Update

I've received a number of (very nice) emails recently asking if I was ok - since my blog has been silent the last few weeks (and much of the summer). 

Just to address people's concerns - I'm alive and well. :-)  I've just been on vacation the last 6 weeks, and have unfortunately not had free time to post (I've been changing a lot of diapers). 

I am still on vacation another week before I officially return to work.  I did get a chance to write up a quick post this weekend that covers some of the new ASP.NET MVC Preview 5 features, though, that will hopefully provide some interim reading until I can resume a more regular posting schedule over the next month when I get back into the office.



P.S. Somewhat to my embarrassment I started a Part1/Part2 post on "Preview 4" right before I left for vacation, and didn't have time to finish part 2 before "Preview 5" came out.  I am going to post this lost segment (which covered AJAX) later this month and write it against the latest preview build.

P.P.S. People often ask me whether I write my own blog.  Yep - I actually really do write every single post.  Hopefully my absence the last 6 weeks provides some evidence to support this. :-)


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