Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 Released

The final release of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 is now available.

Download and Install Today

MSDN subscribers, as well as WebsiteSpark/BizSpark/DreamSpark members, can now download the final releases of Visual Studio 2010 and TFS 2010 through the MSDN subscribers download center. 

If you are not an MSDN Subscriber, you can download free 90-day trial editions of Visual Studio 2010

Or you can can download the free Visual Studio express editions of Visual Web Developer 2010, Visual Basic 2010, Visual C# 2010 and Visual C++.  These express editions are available completely for free (and never time out).  If you are looking for an easy way to setup a new machine for web-development you can automate installing ASP.NET 4, ASP.NET MVC 2, IIS, SQL Server Express and Visual Web Developer 2010 Express really quickly with the Microsoft Web Platform Installer (just click the install button on the page).

What is new with VS 2010 and .NET 4

Today’s release is a big one – and brings with it a ton of new feature and capabilities.

One of the things we tried hard to focus on with this release was to invest heavily in making existing applications, projects and developer experiences better.  What this means is that you don’t need to read 1000+ page books or spend time learning major new concepts in order to take advantage of the release.  There are literally thousands of improvements (both big and small) that make you more productive and successful without having to learn big new concepts in order to start using them. 

Below is just a small sampling of some of the improvements with this release:

Visual Studio 2010 IDE 

Visual Studio 2010 now supports multiple-monitors (enabling much better use of screen real-estate).  It has new code Intellisense support that makes it easier to find and use classes and methods. It has improved code navigation support for searching code-bases and seeing how code is called and used.  It has new code visualization support that allows you to see the relationships across projects and classes within projects, as well as to automatically generate sequence diagrams to chart execution flow. 

The editor now supports HTML and JavaScript snippet support as well as improved JavaScript intellisense. The VS 2010 Debugger and Profiling support is now much, much richer and enables new features like Intellitrace (aka Historical Debugging), debugging of Crash/Dump files, and better parallel debugging.  VS 2010’s multi-targeting support is now much richer, and enables you to use VS 2010 to target .NET 2, .NET 3, .NET 3.5 and .NET 4 applications.  And the infamous Add Reference dialog now loads much faster.

TFS 2010 is now easy to setup (you can now install the server in under 10 minutes) and enables great source-control, bug/work-item tracking, and continuous integration support.  Testing support (both automated and manual) is now much, much richer.  And VS 2010 Premium and Ultimate provide much better architecture and design tooling support.

VB and C# Language Features

VB and C# in VS 2010 both contain a bunch of new features and capabilities.  VB adds new support for automatic properties, collection initializers, and implicit line continuation support among many other features.  C# adds support for optional parameters and named arguments, a new dynamic keyword, co-variance and contra-variance, and among many other features.


With ASP.NET 4, Web Forms controls now render clean, semantically correct, and CSS friendly HTML markup. Built-in URL routing functionality allows you to expose clean, search engine friendly, URLs and increase the traffic to your Website.  ViewState within applications can now be more easily controlled and made smaller. Client IDs rendered by server controls can now be controlled.  ASP.NET Dynamic Data support has been enhanced.  More controls, including rich charting and data controls, are now built-into ASP.NET 4 and enable you to build applications even faster.  New starter project templates now make it easier to get going with new projects.  SEO enhancements make it easier to drive traffic to your public facing sites.  And web.config files are now clean and simple.

ASP.NET MVC 2 is now built-into VS 2010 and ASP.NET 4, and provides a great way to build web sites and applications using a model-view-controller based pattern. ASP.NET MVC 2 adds features to easily enable client and server validation logic, provides new strongly-typed HTML and UI-scaffolding helper methods.  It also enables more modular/reusable applications.  The new <%: %> syntax in ASP.NET makes it easier to HTML encode output.  Visual Studio 2010 also now includes better tooling support for unit testing and TDD.  In particular, “Consume first intellisense” and “generate from usage" support within VS 2010 make it easier to write your unit tests first, and then drive your implementation from them.

Deploying ASP.NET applications gets a lot easier with this release. You can now publish your Websites and applications to a staging or production server from within Visual Studio itself. Visual Studio 2010 makes it easy to transfer all your files, code, configuration, database schema and data in one complete package. VS 2010 also makes it easy to manage separate web.config configuration files settings depending upon whether you are in debug, release, staging or production modes.

WPF 4 and Silverlight 4

WPF 4 includes a ton of new improvements and capabilities including more built-in controls, richer graphics features (cached composition, pixel shader 3 support, layoutrounding, and animation easing functions), a much improved text stack (with crisper text rendering, custom dictionary support, and selection and caret brush options).  WPF 4 also includes a bunch of support to enable you to take advantage of new Windows 7 features – including multi-touch and Windows 7 shell integration.

Silverlight 4 will launch this week as well.  You can watch my Silverlight 4 launch keynote streamed live Tuesday (April 13th) at 8am Pacific Time.  Silverlight 4 includes a ton of new capabilities – including a bunch for making it possible to build great business applications and out of the browser applications.  I’ll be doing a separate blog post later this week (once it is live on the web) that talks more about its capabilities.

Visual Studio 2010 now includes great tooling support for both WPF and Silverlight.  The new VS 2010 WPF and Silverlight designer makes it much easier to build client applications as well as build great line of business solutions, as well as integrate and bind with data.  Tooling support for Silverlight 4 with the final release of Visual Studio 2010 will be available when Silverlight 4 releases to the web this week.

SharePoint and Azure

Visual Studio 2010 now includes built-in support for building SharePoint applications.  You can now create, edit, build, and debug SharePoint applications directly within Visual Studio 2010.  You can also now use SharePoint with TFS 2010.

Support for creating Azure-hosted applications is also now included with VS 2010 – allowing you to build ASP.NET and WCF based applications and host them within the cloud.

Data Access

Data access has a lot of improvements coming to it with .NET 4.  Entity Framework 4 includes a ton of new features and capabilities – including support for model first and POCO development, default support for lazy loading, built-in support for pluralization/singularization of table/property names within the VS 2010 designer, full support for all the LINQ operators, the ability to optionally expose foreign keys on model objects (useful for some stateless web scenarios), disconnected API support to better handle N-Tier and stateless web scenarios, and T4 template customization support within VS 2010 to allow you to customize and automate how code is generated for you by the data designer. 

In addition to improvements with the Entity Framework, LINQ to SQL with .NET 4 also includes a bunch of nice improvements

WCF and Workflow

WCF includes a bunch of great new capabilities – including better REST, activation and configuration support.  WCF Data Services (formerly known as Astoria) and WCF RIA Services also now enable you to easily expose and work with data from remote clients.

Windows Workflow is now much faster, includes flowchart services, and now makes it easier to make custom services than before.  More details can be found here.

CLR and Core .NET Library Improvements

.NET 4 includes the new CLR 4 engine – which includes a lot of nice performance and feature improvements.  CLR 4 engine now runs side-by-side in-process with older versions of the CLR – allowing you to use two different versions of .NET within the same process.  It also includes improved COM interop support. 

The .NET 4 base class libraries (BCL) include a bunch of nice additions and refinements.  In particular, the .NET 4 BCL now includes new parallel programming support that makes it much easier to build applications that take advantage of multiple CPUs and cores on a computer.  This work dove-tails nicely with the new VS 2010 parallel debugger (making it much easier to debug parallel applications), as well as the new F# functional language support now included in the VS 2010 IDE.  .NET 4 also now also has the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) library built-in – which makes it easier to use dynamic language functionality with .NET.  MEF – a really cool library that enables rich extensibility – is also now built-into .NET 4 and included as part of the base class libraries. 

.NET 4 Client Profile

The download size of the .NET 4 redist is now much smaller than it was before (the x86 full .NET 4 package is about 36MB).  We also now have a .NET 4 Client Profile package which is a pure sub-set of the full .NET that can be used to streamline client application installs.

Visual C++

VS 2010 includes a bunch of great improvements for C++ development.  This includes better C++ Intellisense support, MSBuild support for projects, improved parallel debugging and profiler support, MFC improvements, and a number of language features and compiler optimizations.

My VS 2010 and .NET 4 Blog Series

I’ve been cranking away on a blog series the last few months that highlights many of the new VS 2010 and .NET 4 improvements.  The good news is that I have about 20 in-depth posts already written.  The bad news (for me) is that I have about 200 more to go until I’m done!  I’m going to try and keep adding a few more each week over the next few months to discuss the new improvements and how best to take advantage of them.

Below is a list of the already written ones that you can check out today:

Stay tuned to my blog as I post more.  Also check out this page which links to a bunch of great articles and videos done by others.

VS 2010 Installation Notes

If you have installed a previous version of VS 2010 on your machine (either the beta or the RC) you must first uninstall it before installing the final VS 2010 release.  I also recommend uninstalling .NET 4 betas (including both the client and full .NET 4 installs) as well as the other installs that come with VS 2010 (e.g. ASP.NET MVC 2 preview builds, etc).  The uninstalls of the betas/RCs will clean up all the old state on your machine – after which you can install the final VS 2010 version and should have everything just work (this is what I’ve done on all of my machines and I haven’t had any problems).

The VS 2010 and .NET 4 installs add a bunch of new managed assemblies to your machine.  Some of these will be “NGEN’d” to native code during the actual install process (making them run fast).  To avoid adding too much time to VS setup, though, we don’t NGEN all assemblies immediately – and instead will NGEN the rest in the background when your machine is idle.  Until it finishes NGENing the assemblies they will be JIT’d to native code the first time they are used in a process – which for large assemblies can sometimes cause a slight performance hit.

If you run into this you can manually force all assemblies to be NGEN’d to native code immediately (and not just wait till the machine is idle) by launching the Visual Studio command line prompt from the Windows Start Menu (Microsoft Visual Studio 2010->Visual Studio Tools->Visual Studio Command Prompt).  Within the command prompt type “Ngen executequeueditems” – this will cause everything to be NGEN’d immediately.

How to Buy Visual Studio 2010

You can can download and use the free Visual Studio express editions of Visual Web Developer 2010, Visual Basic 2010, Visual C# 2010 and Visual C++.  These express editions are available completely for free (and never time out).

You can buy a new copy of VS 2010 Professional that includes a 1 year subscription to MSDN Essentials for $799.  MSDN Essentials includes a developer license of Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise, SQL Server 2008 DataCenter R2, and 20 hours of Azure hosting time.  Subscribers also have access to MSDN’s Online Concierge, and Priority Support in MSDN Forums.

Upgrade prices from previous releases of Visual Studio are also available.  Existing Visual Studio 2005/2008 Standard customers can upgrade to Visual Studio 2010 Professional for a special $299 retail price until October.  You can take advantage of this VS Standard to Professional upgrade promotion here.

Web developers who build applications for others, and who are either independent developers or who work for companies with less than 10 employees, can also optionally take advantage of the Microsoft WebSiteSpark program.  This program gives you three copies of Visual Studio 2010 Professional, 1 copy of Expression Studio, and 4 CPU licenses of both Windows 2008 R2 Web Server and SQL 2008 Web Edition that you can use to both develop and deploy applications with at no cost for 3 years.  At the end of the 3 years there is no obligation to buy anything.  You can sign-up for WebSiteSpark today in under 5 minutes – and immediately have access to the products to download.


Today’s release is a big one – and has a bunch of improvements for pretty much every developer.  Thank you everyone who provided feedback, suggestions and reported bugs throughout the development process – we couldn’t have delivered it without you. 

Hope this helps,


P.S. In addition to blogging, I am also now using Twitter for quick updates and to share links. Follow me at:


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  • @Guillermo,

    >>>>>>> What a good news!! I'm just wondering if the VS'10 Express has the same Intellisense (with Javascript as well) capabilities of it's older brother and if I can import and convert MVC and .NET projects from VS'05. Thanks.

    Visual Web Developer 2010 Express has all the same code intellisense and javascript intellisense that VS 2010 Professional does - and you can convert your existing MVC and .NET projects from VS 2005 and VS 2008 to it.

    VS 2010 Professional does have additional refactoring, code navigation, unit testing and other features not in the express edition. But the code intellisense and javascript intellisense features I've blogged about are all in the free express edition.

    Hope this helps,


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    Also if I install Windows 7 from MSDN Essentials, am I allowed to continue using it after 1 year, or will it stop working? What are my options after that 1 year is up, do I have to renew the MSDN Essential subscription, or buy a full copy of Windows 7 etc?

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    "You can sign-up for WebSiteSpark today in under 5 minutes – and immediately have access to the products to download."

    This doesn't appear to be true: "Someone will contact you regarding your status within three business days" isn't very immediate!

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  • Visual Studio 2010 is great product. But selling VS with MSDN subscriptions is a bad idea. If I need to use IntelliTrace, then I must purchase VS + MSDN for 11000 $, which is insane. VS Express could be bit more featured. Especially Thread Window is very missing feature. This is most basic tool required to develop multithreading applications. Threaded applications are difficult by their nautre, and lack of basic tools can discourage some beginners to enter into this world.

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  • I can't download VS 2010 witch Akamai ;-( I try to download iso file on 4 diferent computers - always with error:
    "A download was halted before completion. A resumption file was created for your convenience on the Desktop."
    And this error shows on the beginning of each download. If I click resume, error appear again. How to get VS2010 using FTM?

  • @wololo

    In most cases, you can share solutions between the full version of Visual Studio and the Express Editions. Your other team members could use C# express or VWD express as long as they were happy to forgo unit testing etc(I still don't get the business case for why this isn't included in express). However I don't think express supports solutions embedded inside other solutions.

  • "You can buy a new copy of VS 2010 Professional that includes a 1 year subscription to MSDN Essentials for $799"
    - could you highlight where we do so for UK customers? or is that the:

    "Visual Studio Professional with MSDN
    Ideal for professional developers building applications on Windows, Windows Server and SQL Server.
    £805 (£536 Renewal)"

    £805 = $1,238.94

  • What about international versions ?

  • And no Crystal Reports support - done to boost reporting services?
    Nice commercial try, but I have hundreds of reports in CR, and RS is not even close in functionality.

    If I upgrade to VS2010, I can work with a beta of CR - so VS2010 is not suitable for production in any way, regardless of all other changes.

  • When I go to the express site it says "Visual Studio 2010 Express Beta 2". Is it only a beta version or is it the final version?

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  • Great post, one question that I am finding hard to have answered is what the upgrade path would be, we have VS2008 Professional and TFS running 3.5 on a commercial site. What I am trying to find out is what version we need to buy and how smooth the change over would be!

  • Scott,

    I normally don't ask questions on anyone's blog and try to find the info in the official release notes.

    However, in this case, I'll make an exception: could you please verify something - Windows XP 64-bit is not a supported platform for Visual Studio 2010 because a certain version of Accessibility components is not available, which according to the readme, can cause slowdowns on Tablet PCs.

    I have a desktop machine with XP 64-bit and VS 2010 RC installed. I had and still have relatively frequent crashes I guess due to exactly the problem mentioned above. I have also tried the patch Microsoft issued shortly after the release of RC, no change (still crashing). I did not notice any slowdowns, just crashes.

    I suppose the problem will persist on the RTM version too, I have just downloaded it and will install it shortly.

    My question is: obviously VS2010 works on XP 64-bit, but with issues. Does "not supported" mean simply that due to the fact that it's impossible to fix this Accessibility related problem Microsoft does not commercially support XP 64-bit, but if I'm willing to live with the consequences (or I am forced to since our IT might not allow me to move to Windows 7) I am free to install and use VS2010?



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    Feature-wise this release is a home run for me and my team.

    Much appreciated.

    Tim Misra
    MCP, MCAD.Net, MCSD.Net

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  • Hi, Scott,
    Thanks for the quick update as always.
    I've downloaded VS2010 Ultimate version from MSDN yesterday, (MSDN premuim subscriber)
    but it says it's VS2010 Ultimate and Trial version. The PID is pre-pid'd and MSDN site doesn't provide it.
    Subscriber gets only trial version of VS? or is this only for Ultimate?
    I haven't installed other version but this version surely says you have 30 days left before expire, and I think there're few people who's having same experience...

  • Looking forward to having a play with it all. On the face of it, thanks to Scott and everyone involved for bringing us software geeks a bunch of new thrills.

  • Are the express editions allowed to be used to produce charged for software or do you have to have the pro version for that? Having just downloaded 2010 c# express the splash page says for evaluation purposes only which I wouldn't have thought would include creating paid for software with it. The 2008 express license seemed to allow this or perhaps was just more vague on it

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  • @Scott - TFS 2010 is *NOT* a download for WebSpark members at this time.
    I have a WebSpark account and when i go to MSDn the TFS 2010 item is shown as "UNAVAILIBLE" while VS 2010 Pro is ok to download.
    also i can not find any eval download for it to get started with untill the licensed download is fixed... :-(

  • When is the other language (Chinese,Japanese etc) version of VS 2010 pro / Express online?

  • Scott, congrats with shipping 2010!

    That's pity that VS Standard didn't make it into 2010. It was a good deal: .NET + MFC for $300 was a way to go for one-man shops.

  • I did a clean install of Windows 7 for the release of Visual Studio 2010 final release and tried to install the Windows Phone 7 Series Developer Tools and I get the following error:

    Incompatible products

    Setup has detected that following incompatible products or components are installed on your
    machine. Please uninstall the following products or components:
            *  VC 10.0 Runtime
            *  .NET Framework 4 Multi-Targeting Pack
            *  Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile
            *  Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Extended
            *  Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

    Is there a fix for this coming? Or should I do something else? Thanks

  • Hi Scott,

    Wondering if WCF REST is ever going to be updated ? The "Preview 2" has been in beta for a long time

    i.e. via

    * 11/17/2008 - WCF REST Starter Kit Preview 1 [18 months ago]
    * 3/10/2009 - WCF REST Starter Kit Preview 2 [13 months ago]

    Any update or RTM coming to this as part of VS2010 update etc etc ?

  • I downloaded and installed VS2010 Ultimate using the Web Installer available through my MSDN subscription. When I try to access product keys either under the DVD or web installer versions, I see that keys are N/A since "this product is pre-pidded". Yet when I launch the application, I get a message that I'm using an evaluation copy that will expire after 29 days. Am I missing something here? How can I get a key to register my installation?Thanks!

  • Bob Muglia stated that if you had Visual Studio Professional with MSDN Premium you would be getting VS2010 Premium. Any Idea when that might happen? All I have available is Professional.

  • Is compact framework development now included again?

  • The Upgrade from VS2008 Standard to VS2010 Professional, is it available outside the US?
    The link you point at in your post takes me to the MS store but then says the content I am looking at is not available in my area (UK).
    $299 or even £299 would be a price that I could take to my finance department for an upgrade.

  • Will the tooling for SL4 be releases as an additional package or as a part of VS2010? Should we hold off downloading VS2010 until an updated version including tooling for SL4 is available?

  • Hi

    I have several .Net 1.1 legacy sites built using VS 2003 (C#). I have a new Windows 7 PC on which I've installed VS 2010. I copied the legacy projects to this machine and ran the convert process. It failed. I'm told I need IIS 6 Metabase and IIS 6 Configuration Compatibility. Where do I get these components? Can I safely run these on the new Windows 7 PC?

    I'm reluctant to install VS 2010 on my other PCs in case it causes problems with these legacy sites (which I still have to support until I can get them converted and rehosted).

    Help appreciated.

  • First I want to say Thanks to you and the team behind Visual Studio 2010 Express. I'm very happy to get the RTM.


  • I un-installed the RC (which had 78 days remaining) and installed the trial which now says it has 29 days remaining! I was expecting to at least keep the 78 days so it would last until the Design and Development Action pack was out, but now it seems I don't have enough time!

    A 90 day trial would be fine, 29 is going to leave me short of when the licencing option I want is available !

  • From the very limited info I can find, it doesn't look like we can write .net 4 code on VS 2008. Is that right? That seems a terrible shame. Surely if it's just targeting a framework there's no fundamental reason why VS 2008 can't be aware of net 4? Using new code constructs is considerably easier to enjoy than expecting a team - some of whom aren't natural developers! - to have to use a completely new IDE.

  • Thanks for making this best version of visual studio. The new profiler is very cool.

  • Hello Scott

    You answered someones question about subdoamins thinking that it could be done and also referencing an IIS possibility, however I would like to ask the question more specifically related to "dynamic subdomains" or what some people call the wild card domain issue. For example members signup and each memeber name is a subdomain, meaning you have no prior knowledge as to what your subdommains will be. Can the url routing handle this specific problem? Thanks.

  • Congratulation for yet another big milestones.
    One thing could be great if same solution file of VS2008 can be opened in VS2010 with out changing the solution file so that i can also open it in VS2008 later.

  • Hi, Scott!

    I've a question regarding WindowsAPICodePack is that after installing VS 2010 Express and .net 4 on Windows 7, Do I really need to have WindowsAPICodePack to get features of Windows 7?


  • Can you tell us what goodies, if any, the retail boxed versions will contain (eg. any cool .NET 4.0 framework posters), like MS has done with previous versions.

  • Scott,

    Are websitespark users going to get TFS 2010?


  • Congratulations, but I'm on Bizspark, downloaded a version that claims it is pre-pidded and I now have a 29 day trial version on my main machine - now I'm going to have to arbitrarily try another version or waste hours and hours trying to find out why :(

  • Thanks sooooo much Scott!!


  • Can VS2010 Pro Upgrade be installed on a machine that runs VS2008 Team Suite? What are the requirements for installing? Do I have to have Standard (specifically) installed to use the upgrade?


  • Is it just VS 2010 Express available on WebSiteSpark or will the professional edition be available at some point?

  • I've been running VS2010 ultimate since beta 2, for full time production work. It has been amazing. I work for a gold partner and went to download ultimate today only to find out we get premium only...

    Devastating, I was so looking forward to some of the ultimate features on upcoming projects.

    Why must you torment me?

  • I see I'll find out in soon enough since it says

    29 days remaining

    Don't you think you shouldn't call this free if it's just a trial version?

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
    Version 10.0.30319.1 RTMRel
    Microsoft .NET Framework
    Version 4.0.30319 RTMRel

    Installed Version: VC Express

    Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 01013-532-2002287-70800

  • SeungHyo and others,

    If you used the Web Installer from MSDN Subscriptions, it installs a trial by design. You then can get the Key from MSDN Subscriptions (these are coming online in the next few hours) and activate VS2010. You don't need to reinstall.

    However, if you have already downloaded the ISO anyway, you again don't need to uninstall, you can just run the ISO's setup and click Activate to activate your trial.

    Hope this helps,

    Scott Hanselman

  • Awesome much to explore on VS2010

  • I jumped from 2002/2003 to 2008. That's typically my MO with microsoft release products. I also jumped from XP to 7. But there are some nice features here... I may have to jump sooner.

  • Just a few questions that I came up with today after installing it.

    1)What is the difference between the client profile .Net 4 install and the full? The .Net 4 client profile is what is installed with VS.Net correct?

    2) VS 2010 installs all that is needed to connect an use Team Foundations Servers (check out code, access work items, etc), correct? If so, what is the VS Team Explorer 2010 install for? Does it allow you to run Team Explorer without opening VS 2010?

    3) Visual Studio 2010 SDK, does it need to be installed or is it part of the VS 2010 install. What additional features do you get by installing it?

    4) So what is the story with Silverlight 4.0, is it or is it not released yet?

    5) What is the expected date when the Win7 development tool will go from CTP to RTM?


  • Now that I have gotten my questions out of the way, now to say congrats on finally releasing VS 2010. From what I have seen the 1 day I have played with it the wait was worth it. Now I just have to get the time to dig in deeper and see all the hidden gems. The only thing missing in my opinion is that Silverlight 4 and it's tools should have been installed instead of Silverlight 3. But it is down the line, so cannot complain to much.

    The only real issue I have had is with the ReportViewer and the method constructor for a new DataSource not takes IEnumerable instead of table so I get an error: "The call is ambiguous between the following methods or properties: 'Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportDataSource.ReportDataSource(string, System.Data.DataTable)' and 'Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportDataSource.ReportDataSource(string, System.Collections.IEnumerable)'". Once I figure that out all will be good.

  • Points to which only give you update to 3/19/2009.

    Change it to and you get updates to current day.

    After making the change you have to hit the refresh button next to the textbox to see the update information.

  • It's awesome. I notice when you press . or other autocomplete commit keys, VS2010 does not play "Menu Command.wav"(Scheme: Cityscape) any more, that lost a little bit fun as I always hear that system sound when coding in VS2008. Anyway VS2010 is a great tool.

  • James, in Win7 got to Turn Windows Features On/Off (Control panel) and there is a setting under "Internet Information Services -> Web Management Tools -> IIS 6 Management Compatibility" to turn on "IIS MetaBase and IIS 6 configuration compatibility". Check that and you should be good to go.

  • Hi, Unfortunately after long waiting for VS2010, as previous Beta 1 and RC versions, I cannot install the VS 2010. Besides, Since yesterday and because of my geographical location (IRAN) the MSDN starts prompting to me that my Log in Credential after more than 12 years using Microsoft technologies not verified yet.(With so many unbelievable limits existed in my country we always figured out a proper way to pay our bills) so i can't even receive a strait answer a bout the problem. I have 10 dedicated server around the world and i don't like to use them to hide my actual identity. I prefer to be clear about that. As my last words i am very excited and happy about so many positive energies and hopes among all users that you and your team created.
    Thank you.

  • I love VS2010. Great job on cranking out such a fine product.

    In a previous blog about VS2010 you mentioned that there would be an updated WPF ribbon and toolkit soon after release. I'm not expecting it this week but can you tell me when you think these will be available?


  • Is the Reactive Framework (Rx) included in this release of .Net?

  • Thanks, smehaffie! Worked a treat!

    Only had this Windows7 machine for a few days. Totally unaware of these settings. Was expecting to have to download something.

    Again, thanks for your help.

  • As some of them, I am very surprised not to find Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Version (however Premium version is available) from the MSDN download site.
    Do I need to wait more time ? Is there any restriction ?
    Thanks to any piece of information

  • Hi,
    Does the VS2010 final includs the tools for Silverlight 4, or it is in separate download? After installing the VS 2010, the business application and RIA services templates are missed.
    I installed the VS2010 on a machine, after uninstalled the VS2008. The previous versions of VS2010 (beta and RC) hasn't been installed before.
    Thanks in advance


  • Great stuff, I'm loving using it. I've found a minor UI bug in the production version, email me ewart at ihug dot co dot nz if you need a screenshot - essentially in a silverlight project right click project to view properties, under silverlight tab click 'assembly information' button, go to the nuetal language combo at the bottom, click the down arrow to dropdown the list, then once the list appears type a single letter into the combobox and wammo, two combo boxes appear on top of each other.. opps.


  • Congrats Scott and all of the guys in your team, really a great job done!!

    Just wondering, you once mentioned to release a end to end MVC2 sample project [nerd dinner i guess], we still need it :-) though some how we managed to complete our first MVC2 project, but still not yet upgraded to final release. Now planning to do straight to 2010 MVC2.


  • Where can I find the changelog between VS2010RC and VS2010RTM?

  • My Windows Server 2008 have crashed after installing .Net 4 and MVC 2 and rebooting.

    Keeps giving me a blue screen about it cant register a file and then restarts. Great.

  • Dear Scott,

    I was wondering if the Rx Framework is already included in this release of the .Net.


  • VS 2010 products not listed in MSDN Subscribers Download.....any problems

  • @"Express Yourself"
    Had the same message when I installed the Express editions.

    The "29 days remaining" message once you register your Express Edition using the "Register Now" item under the help menu. Once you register you get a key which puts in normal mode.

    Hope this information helps some one who is trying to install the Visual Studio 2010 Express editions as searching for a solution had brought me to this page.

  • @James, glad I could be of assistance. Man you are brave learning Win7 and VS2010 at the same time - LOL. Seriously, I've been running Win7 since the beta and have had not issues. It is a rock solid OS and some of the features you will miss when you have to go back to XP. Have fun with VS2010, I am just starting to dig into it like everyone else and so far like what I see.

    One minor annoyance: If you close the start page, none of the docked windows auto hide when you click on the empty screen. I am assuming the main container is not handling the click event like the start page and editors do. So for now if this annoys you, just leave the start page open.

  • Yesterday I was on VS2010 Launch in St.Petersburg (Russia). That was nice! Great stuff were explained. Cool new features make the life easier!

  • Aaaaauuuuugh!

    The horrible thing doesn't work with SL4 RC toolkit, and trying to revert results in loads of errors. I had to pull it all out and reboot to get RC back in place.

  • @Express Yourself - EVALUTION USE ONLY?

    Just like in Visual Studio 2008, the Express SKUs require registration if you want to use after 30 days.  This is a simple and free process that only takes a minute or two.  Once registered you may use Express indefinitely.  

  • Scott,
    I went to the conference. It was great!
    Quick question, if I install the .NET 4 framework on my webserver, do i run any risk of incompatibilities for .net 3 or 2 apps already on there?

  • WoW! I am really excited to get my hands on the REAL version as I have been playing with VS 2010 Beta 2 and RC releases.

  • Is it possible to refresh the LINQ schema in LINQ designer with just one click. In the past I have to remove and re-add the entity to make it synchronize with the database if changed something in the database table?

  • The link to the iso file for Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate edition is broken.

  • Where can you buy TFS 2010?

  • hi guys, anyone having issue installing the RTM after uninstalling RC version?

    I can not install vs 2010, it stops installing.

    note:I am installing an ISO downloaded from MSDN. It is mounted using virtual clone drive.
    I tried copying the files to a local folder but it seems some of the files are corrupted.

  • Does ASP.NET 4.0 use ASP.NET 2.0 as its foundation? Or is ASP.NET 4.0 a total rewrite? Are the CLR's the same?

  • I can't get enough of VS 2010, I mean just look at all the removed features I don't have to worry about anymore! Now instead of having to use those stupidly convenient Windows Mobile, Windows CE and CF tools, we can just spend countless hours hacking the build system and creating our own tools that utilize the improved extensibility of VS instead of relying the VS itself. That's way better though, I mean why would anyone want to directly use the thing they paid money for? "7 Windows Phones" is not even out yet, and it has more support. I guess it makes sense though, I mean why worry about supporting what is already out when you can support the future instead. After all the future is so much cooler that the present and that's where all the money is too. Plus "7 Series Phone Windows" supports ALL the features of Windows Mobile including the ability to easily develop and install enterprise applications without going through the market. I can't wait to see what useless features they remove for VS 3000. I am glad Microsoft finally noticed that the iPhone is way more popular that Windows Mobile. This helped them to come to their senses and realize that they should abandon the market where they are already dominating, enterprise mobile applications.

  • I am very impressed with VS2010, i´ve been using it since Beta and then the RC and now the RTM and i´ve noticed the increase in speed over VS2008SP1 and the amazing thing the ADO.NET Entity Framework now does like deferred loading, I used to prefer LINQ to SQL but now the Entity Framework I think works best, great work guys, congratulations

  • Extension mananger seems to be broken for proxy's without authorization.

    Extension Manager try to authorize with 'Anonymous' user even when no authorization required.

  • Turns out that if you're like me and pre-ordered through the MS store site, than you can't get the product until sometime in June (originally told it was a date issue with the servers that would be fixed by the end of the week and then finally someone told me about the June release a few days later), Damn, i wish MS would be more realistic about their release dates and stop this BS. I'd rather wait for a completed product than expect a product that doesn't arrive. What good is a launch without actually releasing the product and why is no one at MS actually talking about this, taking responsibility is better than complete silence.

  • And, I'm feeling screwed because there was never any mention of special upgrade pricing (referring to the 299 upgrade without msdn essentials). When I pre-ordered on March 10th, the premise was pre-order now and save 250.00, turns out that's bogus the upgrade is 549 with msdn essentials, and 299 without, I would have rather spent a little more gone with out msdn essentials, and got the 299 upgrade, and then spent 349 on Expressions 3 and gotten Expressions 4 when released (I've got enough servers and don't need the essentials anyway, but really want Expressions 4, oh well), I feel so used. Thanks I think, next time can you at least buy me dinner first.

  • Has anyone noted this: “*A one-time $100 Program Offering Fee is due upon exit or at the end of the 3 year term.”? Scott, can you clarify this?

  • Kris,

    .NET installs side by side with other versions of .NET. You older programs will continue to run on the original targeted Framework unless the application's config file redirects it to run on .NET 4.

  • hi scott,
    awesome article on vs2010
    am working on vs 2008 with sqlserver 2005 and now can i install the free visual studio exprees edition?

  • Will it be ever possible to develop .NET CF 2.0 application using VS2010 or we stuck with VS2008 forever?

  • Hi Scott,

    I have been using visual studio for several years as an enthusiast with a view to eventually becoming a professional. I now have an application in mind - partly developed - but the cost of now upgrading to VS2010 in the UK is prohibitive. Why does the Professional upgrade have to cost so much when, for example, developing for the Mac is so much less. My application would be ideally suited to having an iPhone version which I will probably develop with colleagues at the same time as the windows version anyway. However, I am now wondering whether to bother with a windows version at all as it is becoming so expensive to buy your latest versions. I do not have a company set up yet, so I cannot take advantage of "Spark" offers. The express versions are great, but only go so far.

    Mac computers and iPhones are becoming increasingly popular in the UK (and presumably elsewhere). And they work fully when they are released. The prices of Mac computers are coming down and one day they will be a real threat to MicroSoft. Small time developers can set themselves up with a Mac computer developing Mac and iPhone / iPad applications for less than in the windows environment. What's more, an Apple developer can run Windows software but not vice-versa.

    What is the incentive for small time developers to stick with MicroSoft?

    I would appreciate your comments.

    I would be grateful for your comments.

  • My experience the last four days or so has inclined me to wonder how an RTM can reduce the quality of a product. The IDE (editor window specifically) was crashing in some damn odd ways. I even redid the entire box it was on, from scratch, and found the problems grew worse. Some research proved the majority of the crashes are in the freditax.dll, and that Expression Blend users have been having these issues for a while. So, while I was one of those folks eager to see the new VS in action, I'm now becoming one who might recommend it isn't entirely ready for prime time. Software Quality should be important, and while I expect some people have no issues (I had almost none with the RC), how in the heck can a clean install be problematic?

  • Hi Scott,

    Followed your Ngen instructions after installing VS 2010 Ultimate and received lots of file not found for some of the queued item, while many others compiled fine.

    Is this expected behaviour, and should I disregard it?

    Thanks in advance,

    Tim Misra

    MCP, MCAD.Net, MCSD.Net

  • So I uninstalled my VS 2010 RC and attempted to install the VS 2010 Professional version, and I keep getting the d:\vs_setup.msi could not be opened error in the log file! I see it there on the dvd but it can't open it. I tried running the windows install clean up tool, i tried taking out the Visual Studio 10.0 folder from the registry, hell I even tried turning on handwriting detection settings from the language bar, but I just can't find what's wrong! Why can't microsoft products just work from the get go?

  • I only have 22 days remaining in my trial. So much for 90 days. I wonder if somethings messed up with the trial since I had the RC installed.

  • @npavani

    am working on vs 2008 with sqlserver 2005 and now can i install the free visual studio exprees edition?

    Installing Visual Studio 2010 Express with Visual Studio 2008 is supported.

    Aaron Ruckman [MSFT]

  • @Omegaspecter


    >>>>>>> I've just uninstall VS2010 RC and install the RTM, now I have only 30 days to try out, what's wrong?

    Web based setup of 2010 release installs Visual Studio 2010 with a 30-day evaluation license by default. You can extend evaluation license to 90 days by registering your product, otherwise please follow activation instructions at

    Thank you,


    Please see Timch's comment, above. You need to apply the 60 day extension in order to get 90 day trial. :-)

  • @AlfeG, re proxy authorization and ext manager: does the RSS feed show up on your start page? (If so, Visual Studio is connecting to the net, and the problem is somewhere else.) Can you write to me directly at and give me more details about how you're setting up the proxy connection and what you're seeing?

  • thanks for infomation and i like to read your blog

  • Sorry Scott, I take it back: didn't see a Standard upgrade option when posted my first comment about missing Standard edition. It's good to have this option!

  • Any reason that multi-targeting support was left out of the Express products?

  • Hi Scott

    Let's have your comments .... Please! Pretty please!


  • Hi Scott,
    What about SQL 2008 Business Intelligence Project Templates in VS 2010?

  • Excellent.................

  • Hi Scott! Thanks for your posts.
    My comment is to Recipe: Dynamic Site Layout and Style Personalization with ASP.NET post. I'm new in C# ASP.NET, so that post is still new and interesting to me.
    Your sample works great in my machine, but when I do it in C#, I get this error:

    Error 1 'MyBasePage.OnPreInit(object, System.EventArgs)': no suitable method found to override ... 13 29 C:\...\WebSite7\.

    Probably these line of codes cause the above error:

    System.Web.Profile.ProfileBase MyProfile = HttpContext.Current.Profile;

    this.MasterPageFile = MyProfile.GetPropertyValue("MasterFilePreference");
    this.Theme = MyProfile.GetPropertyValue("ThemePreference").ToString();

    The rest of codes and pages are as you've explained.
    Guidance would be highly appreciated!

  • Hi Scott,

    I just installed 2010. Unfortunately it freezes on me. I have a fairly new box running 64 bit Windows 7 with 8 gig of RAM. When I create a new web site and click on the project-add new item I can't select anything, I can't type and I can't scroll; the only thing that works is the sort by drop down. Occasionally it does work (maybe 1 out of 20 times) but if I scroll around for a little while it freezes. I make sure that it is the only app running but that doesn't help. If I reboot it will work sometimes . Have you heard of this problem from anyone else? Any thoughts?

    Thanks, Mike

  • @Michael McTaggart,

    You shouldn't be seeing any freezing. Can you send me email ( with details and we will have someone help?



  • Great Scott, you wrote a really useful post, this one post summarize all the features of VS2010

  • After installing VS 2010 on 2008 Server (x86) typing was very slow. I got the automation popup so I installed the 971513 update and rebooted but now I get sporadic slowness which only seems to happen once I scroll down to an area on a .cs file that contains a collapsed #region. As soon as one appears on screen the IDE slows down sharply. Any ideas?


  • @AndyW,

    >>>>>> After installing VS 2010 on 2008 Server (x86) typing was very slow

    You shouldn't be seeing this. Can you email me ( details of the problem and I can have someone follow up and investigate?



  • I really love Visual Studios 2010, but one thing is really annoying me... well, the entire dev team at our place. The scroll wheel jumps 3 lines instead of just 1. In Visual Studios 2005 & 2008 it only moves one line at a time. Is there any way to change this? It's such a small thing, I know, but it's incredibly annoying having to use the scroll bar to line things up.

  • @GenericTypeTea,

    >>>>>>>> I really love Visual Studios 2010, but one thing is really annoying me... well, the entire dev team at our place. The scroll wheel jumps 3 lines instead of just 1. In Visual Studios 2005 & 2008 it only moves one line at a time. Is there any way to change this? It's such a small thing, I know, but it's incredibly annoying having to use the scroll bar to line things up.

    Can you send me an email ( with more details on this? We haven't changed the behavior since VS 2008 - and would like to help you fix this.



  • If you receive the following error:

    The call is ambiguous between the following methods or properties: 'Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportDataSource.ReportDataSource(string, System.Data.DataTable)' and 'Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportDataSource.ReportDataSource(string, System.Collections.IEnumerable)'

    Then you should just cast it to a System.Data.DataTable like this:

    myReportViewer.LocalReport.DataSources.Add(new ReportDataSource("localDataSet", (System.Data.DataTable) ds.CustomerDataTable));

  • Do you know where i can buy TFS 2010?

  • Good explanation, thank you Scott.

  • Hey Scott,

    Any update on the WPF Ribbon release for .NET 4?

  • Hi Scott, I've found installing VS 2010 Professional an exceptionally drawn out process on 64 bit machine. I've found that devenv.exe (*32) fires up during the install process and causes it to hang. I started off the install last night, selected the components I wanted and then let it rip. I went home only to find it hanging on one of the items in the list. I killed the devenv.exe (*32) process and then it carried on. I've had to do it five or six times through out the process and it's still going on now. I had to do the same when uninstalling VS2010 RC which I was using prior to this which may be key to the problems i'm having now. It has literally just finished having been running for 19 hours.

    Install image: SW_DVD9_Visual_Studio_Pro_2010_English_Core_MLF_X16-76715.ISO via MagicDisc

    Any thoughts?



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