VS 2010 and .NET 4 Series

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Over the next few months I’m going to be doing a series of posts that talk about some of the cool things coming with the VS 2010 and .NET 4 release. 

VS 2010 and .NET 4 are the next major releases of our developer tools and framework.  Together they contain a ton of new functionality and improvements that I think you’ll really like, and which make building applications of all types easier, faster and better.  The improvements range from nice small tweaks to major, major enhancements - and can be found across the .NET Framework, the languages, and the IDE.

I will update this page with links to the individual posts I do as I publish them along the way:

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  • Looking forward to the posts.

    Glad your back. Hope you can stay. :)

  • When you say .NET 4, you don't mean a new C# language - you are really talking about some changes to the frameworks, right?

  • @J Allard,

    >>>>>> When you say .NET 4, you don't mean a new C# language - you are really talking about some changes to the frameworks, right?

    .NET 4 and VS 2010 include new VB and C# compilers as well - which contain a bunch of language improvements. For example, C# 4 includes things like the dynamic keyword (allowing easy late-bound access), named and optional parameters, covariance, better COM support, and more. Here is a pointer to a video talking about some of them: http://channel9.msdn.com/shows/Going+Deep/Inside-C-40-dynamic-type-optional-parameters-more-COM-friendly/

    I'll be talking about some of the new language features in upcoming posts as well.

    Hope this helps,


  • Scott, I haven't been able to get an answer to this question at Silverlight.net, so I'm giving you a try.

    Will we see C# 4.0 in Silverlight, or will we have to code seperately against different versions on client and server?

  • Thanks Scott

    As usual i always wait for your blogs to appear. and that really keeps me surprised, amazed, happy and updated all the times.

  • Thanks GOD! At Last you break the Silence. I was waiting for your talks about .NET 4 and Silverlight 4. BTW, What about Silverlight 4 are you planning?

  • Bring it on!

    -- Lee

  • Welcome back Scott - you have been missed.

  • Hi Scott.

    We just got accepted into BizSpark and are contemplating upgrading our Visual SourceSafe 2005 to VS TFS 2008. I have installed the TFS server, but not created any projects yet.

    Can you give me a rough time estimate on the VS 2010 release, I don't wan't to spend yours configuring TFS 2008 if I have to do it all over again for TFS 2010 shortly.

  • Thanks for posts, but Microsoft is very speed. I dont catch up:(

  • Looking forward to it - sounds like there's going to be a lot of clearing up carried out. Can't wait to get my hands on VS2010 - multiple windows for multiple monitors = yay!

  • Great to see you blogging about this, Scott. I'll be reading each one!

    Obviously, you can't give a concrete answer, but can you give us a general idea when Microsoft is hoping to release Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2? Are we talking weeks or months?

  • Thanks Scott, we really look forward to it. I almost can't wait to see how dev10 will roll out in the real world :P

  • You say Beta2 is a ways away. How far out are we talking. Is there an ETA?


  • is .net 4 going to have any mobile enhancements? im a little concerned that microsoft has lost so much ground in mobile development. I've decided to move to .net but sometimes i feel microsoft is not ahead of the curve anymore. for example the MVC model for web is something that java had implemented long ago. as en ex-linux-java guy i hope people like me help microsoft to lead on many things by using their techs (if they stay in the open source) . thanks for the good work.

  • I hope WPF does not make this thing slow

  • Great to see you posting again!!

  • Hi Scott,

    VS2010 IDE looks great.what kind of improvements can be expected for Sharepoint.
    And is there any additional support for CAML language intellisence or like U2U caml editor like things in built in VS2010.

  • thanks

  • can't wait for VS4 to come out.

  • Scott it would be really grateful of yours if you post something on client side support
    ms-ajaxlibrary, jquery, integration of both libraries(if this feature is possible),script referencing etc
    Also i am expecting this time VS is having script folding in js files. (please comment on this too)

  • Can't wait for them, although I am also curious about .Net 5.0 (which most speakers seem to be quite secretive about)

  • What would be the way forward in terms of ASP.NET data access-Dynamic Data? MVC? Some other? Sometimes its confusing with so many options for the same purpose within the same tool. Hope you'll light up the way to go in VS2010.

  • All the features that were discussed in this post are purely cosmetic or bugs from other version are fixed. What are the real changes. I remeber how GRIDVIEW changed how we display data. Anything significant like that??

  • What about remote authoring improvements?

    Visual Studio is about the worse thing on remote authoring I've ever seen!

    I often get the "Unable to get file from server" error(both on FPE and FTP), the files that cause the previous error also cause errors when synchronising on "Copy Website", it hangs on opening XMLs, doing some operations like refactorings hangs the IDE as it starts to download everything to the webcache including image files, and other problems...

    Resuming, VS is a complete mess for remote authoring. Even Frontpage is better on this field and Frontpage folks did it almost a decade ago!

  • Will VS 2010 support WebDAV for publishing a web project to a remote server?

  • Thanks Scott! can't wait the BETA 2 release.

  • Hi Scott,

    will be availale .NET RIA Services in VS 2010 Beta 2?

  • clean web.config files are awesome. Thank you Scott!

  • Please Keep up the good work ! Its really helpful for us to hear stuff about .NET directly from you !!

  • Hi Scott,

    a very interesting serie. Thanks a lot!

    Could you maybe also post something about the changes in the workflow engine of .NET 4.0?
    I´ve read that it´s something like a complete reimplementation in .NET 4.0.

  • I wonder is there a plan for adopting the ribbon interface for VS? I'm actually quite fond of it and had hoped for Vista to already bring more of its application with the ribbon interface (although I see where it would indeed waste space on applications with less functionality but since VS has a similar complex menu structure as Office had ...).

  • COOOOOOOOOL this is the thing i've been waiting for soo long . net 4 rocks!!!

  • Looking forward to test my webgrid and JQuery against VS10 and .Net 4.0!

  • I'm soooo excited!

    -- Lee

  • Happy to see u back..waiting for your great tutorials..keep them comming

  • I attended the VS Extensibility Summit this week at Redmond and got to see lot of cool stuff. Particularly in design time extensibility support for WPF/Silverlight Controls in VS 2010. Wondering what's in VS 2010 for ASP.Net server controls development, Can you please comment on this?

    - Vikas

  • Please add a blog on refactoring improvements/changes. Would love to see the ability to highlight a namespace and promote it to a using/Imports statement with a choice of using an alias.

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