ASP.NET MVC Preview 4 Released

 ASP.NET MVC Preview 4  has been released on the CodePlex. You can download it from here.The Preview 4 release provides the new features such as OutputCache Action Filter, Authorize Action Filter, AccountController, Ajax Helpers and Namespaces in Routes.Visit Guru Gu's (Scott Guthrie) blog entry for more detailed informations. Now the ASP.NET MVC is getting the maturity for live production and the product is going close to the official beta, after that RTM version will be available. I hope the community can expect V 1.0 release on this year itself and new enhanced features will be included in a future full release.

The following is the higher level roadmap of MVC that available from CodePlex.

  •  Improved Ajax Support
           -Support multiple partial updates
           -Improvements to the Ajax helper methods (link to action, ajax form, field and form observers)
  •  Helper Methods Improvements
  •  Validation Message Reporting

           - This is not the validation itself, but an underlying framework for reporting validation errors to the view
           - Includes validation message aware helper methods

  • Various other refactorings, bug fixes, and polish



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