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  • Adopting Technologies for the Sake of Technologies

    Unlike other engineering industries, the software engineering industry is really lacking maturity. The lack of maturity can see in different aspects of entire software development life cycle. I think other engineering industries are well organised and structured with common, proven engineering practices. The software engineering industry is greatly a diverse industry with different operating systems, and variety of development platforms, programming languages, frameworks and tools. Now these days, people are going behind the hypes and intellectual thoughts without understanding their core business problems and adopting technologies and practices for the sake of technologies and practices and simply becoming a “poster child” of technologies and practices. Understanding the core business problem and providing best, solid solution with a platform neutral approach, will give you more business values and ROI, instead of blindly adopting technologies and tailor-made your applications for the sake of technologies and practices. People have been simply migrating their solutions in favour of new technologies and different versions of frameworks without any business need.

  • Git Source Control Integration with Windows Azure Mobile Services

    In this blog post, I will take a look at Git source control integration provided by Windows Azure Mobile Services. Windows Azure Mobile Services is great framework for mobile backend development on the Windows Azure platform, which provides a Node.js based programming model for writing server-side scripts. You can write the mobile services scripts in browser window provided by Windows Azure developer portal. Windows Azure Mobile Services also provides you to setup source control with Git, which lets you clone the Git repository for Mobile Services scripts, in your local machine where you can work on the  Mobile Services scripts in your favourite IDE or text editor and later you can commit and push the source code back to Windows Azure production environment. The source control integration lets you easily work as a team for working on Mobile Services scripts.

  • ASP.NET Web API OWIN Self Host on Windows Azure

    In this blog post, I will take a look at Open Web Interface for .NET (OWIN) and will also demonstrate how to deploy ASP.NET Web API app on Windows Azure Worker Role using OWIN and OWIN HttpListener server provided by OWIN self host infrastructure. The OWIN HttpListener server lets you host ASP.NET Web API within your own process. In this demo, I will host the ASP.NET Web API app within a Windows Azure Worker Role.