Microsoft Azure Updates -- April 2014

At the Build 2014 conference, Microsoft announces lot of exciting things which including updates on Microsoft Azure. Now Windows Azure has been rebranded as Microsoft Azure. This is good for Azure platform since Azure is a cross platform, which provides a polyglot Cloud platform for multiple operating systems.

New Azure Portal

At Build 2014, a new azure portal has been announced, which provides mind blowing UI experience.


Basic tier of compute instances

Now Microsoft Azure introduces a new entry-level tier named Basic for computing instances. The new Basic tier of compute instances provides similar CPU and memory configurations as the Standard tier of instances with lesser cost. Unlike Standard tier of instances, the Basic tier doesn’t provide load-balancing and automatic scaling features. The Basic tier provides cost up to 26.67 percentage less than a Standard tier of compute instances.


Microsoft Azure Update Summary

The information below provides the summary of updates announced during Build 2014.

  • New Azure portal at
  • A new entry-level Basic tier for computing instances.
  • Azure Active Directory Premium now generally available.
  • Scheduler now generally available. 
  • Read-Access Geographically Redundant Storage now generally available.
  • Virtual Network Dynamic Routing Gateway and Point-to-Site now generally available.
  • AutoScale now generally available.
  • Azure Automation public preview now available.
  • Offline support to Windows Azure Mobile Services.
  • Price reduction for Azure Backup service.

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